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Why TEM?

Smart businesses achieve Total Expense Management, from Procure to Pay. Telecom Expense Management (TEM) streamlines and improves domestic and international invoicing, billing, tracking expenses such as wireline, wireless services, energy, utilities, copiers and leases.

Why Outsource?

When it comes to Telecom Expense Management, let the experts do it. Telecom expense management provides automation, transparency, and savings through auditing and eliminating manual processes. You’ll avoid the burdens of manual handling, lost invoices, financial loss and waste.

Why AMI?

AMI telecom expense management provides insight, control. You’ll improve your ability to detect and eliminate billing errors, variances in billing vs contracted rates, and anomalies to established audit rules. AMI delivers typical cost savings of 10%-35%.

Smarter Telecom Expense Management

Smart businesses gain value, cut costs and work smarter with telecom expense management from AMI Strategies. AMI Strategies’ technology and utility invoice lifecycle solutions and services are implemented throughout U.S. and global businesses in automotive, healthcare, government, retail, finance, insurance, manufacturing, transportation and other sectors. With AMI Strategies telecom expense management solutions and services, companies achieve an average savings of 10-35%.

  • Telecom Expense Management from AMI StrategiesCut expenses, improve financial performance
  • Reduce handling, processing time, and effort
  • Support invoices from any vendor, any country around the globe
  • Gain real-time visibility
  • Transform business processes
  • Increase control, standardization, security
  • Gain flexibility, global features, scalability
  • Provides the CFO’s, CIO’s, and executive managers the ability to understand the global impact and expenses of their telecom environment world-wide