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Go big or go home: How “all in” technology estate and indirect cost management saves both time (yes, we are all getting older) and dollars (yes, it is time to bring in the cash)

When we hear the term “all in,” many people — even non-gamblers — likely envision flashing lights and poker tables at the casino. In the game of poker, it refers to a player putting all of his or her chips on the table in a single hand and praying for the best: the player will […]

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How to best manage technology invoices for greater cost savings

You’ve got all of your organization’s technology invoices flowing into one location or department. The bills are paid, and all is right with the world. That’s all you really need to keep tabs on your technology estate, right? Think again. Successfully managing your technology spend won’t work if you’re simply collecting and processing invoices all […]

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It’s all about the bill: Technology invoices aggravation

Every month they arrive, right on time – your technology invoices. And every month, someone swears that there has to be a better system to review and audit invoices. And there is! So, what does that system look like? A structured technology expense management program, utilizing an automated system, is the answer to your headaches over […]

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Got TEM questions? We know you do…so we’ll answer those FAQs with a good dose of FACTs (Full Analytics Conveying Truths)! Let’s play that ever-popular game (well, at least in our world): I want TEM but…

Customer service: An oxymoron or surprisingly good?

How was your last customer service experience? Lousy? Frustrating? Annoying? Confusing? According to a recent study by Consumer Reports National Research Center, more than half of respondents were so annoyed that they hung up on the customer service rep without getting a solution to the problem. Among other annoyances:  can’t get a human on the […]

Complex Telecom Expenses in the Spotlight

Are complex telecom expenses stealing the spotlight and taking center stage? Are you overspending on telecom and similar network services when you would rather be focusing on your core mission?

Top 3 Drivers When Considering Telecom Expense Management

Many of the large, globally dispersed enterprises we speak with are in the process of considering telecom expense management.

Energy Invoice Management – Is There a Better Way?

For the large enterprise or organization operating with hundreds of locations, wrestling with volatile energy and utility costs and keeping track of the spend can be overwhelming.

Telecom Expense Management Reporting
5 Must-Haves for Effective Technology Expense Management Reporting

Effective TEM reports give companies a chance to take action and manage expenses for a more competitive business process

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Government Technology Expense Management: What to Consider for Municipalities and Other Agencies

In the face of pressures to “do more with less,” see how municipalities and other government agencies can simplify and automate the telecom expense management.

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Your Enterprise Technology Spend: Take a Look at Where You Are Now

Get a handle on your enterprise telecom spend by digging deep into current telecom expense management practices

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Why is Managing Technology Expenses So Complex for Today’s CIO?

Today’s CIO benefits from a standardized, centralized, approach to handling telecom expense management. Post shares insights.

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Is 2015 the Year You Tame Telecom Expense Management for Business?

With telecom expense management for your business, there are significant costs associated with technology. What can you expect in the year ahead?

What’s Keeping Your CFO Up at Night?

Our post shares Telecom Expense Management best practices for the CFO and finance professional who is looking to improve a company’s competitive position.