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Streamlining Invoices, Orders & Vendor Disputes

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AM I... eliminating paper and redundant efforts in the order and invoice lifecycle?

Are you caught in a riptide of invoices?

Global locations, growing departments…it can all add up to a crushing wave of invoices each month— which are often riddled with errors when there is no correlation to the order/contract management lifecycle.

Are you able to scrutinize every invoice, every month? Probably not. Will that mean you’re losing money each month to errors and anomalies? Probably so.

It’s time to bring this ship back under control.

AMI Strategies’ temNOW solution brings clarity and streamlining to your invoice and order workflow, and introduces a vendor dispute lifecycle. Automated system audits at every step in the process, from importing each invoice to internal billing and payment. Your organization minimizes the resources needed for managing the invoice process so they can be redirected to more useful areas of your business.

With temNOW at the helm of your invoice, order and vendor dispute management process, it's smooth sailing.

Do your vendor invoices seem like they're written in another language?

What a long, strange invoice it is

Take a look through any technology vendor invoice, and you might feel like you’ve stepped into another world.

Sure, it’s a given that invoices from your international offices will be in a different language and currency system, which presents its own challenges. But even English-based invoices can make things difficult.

Charges are often listed in a confusing mix of letters, numbers and other symbols; this makes it difficult to truly grasp what each charge represents, and for which department or location. Since when did BX9r32Q equal anything related to your business?

How can you get the big picture of your organization's expenditures when you can't even understand what you're being charged?

At AMI Strategies, we're fluent in vendor invoice speak.

Making sense of your business expenditures

Our deep understanding of global technology vendors’ pricing structures, secondary source data (like USOC codes, tariffs and circuit identifiers) and other “insider” terminology means we can quickly and easily make sense of even the most complicated invoices and orders.

But that’s not even the best part: Our cloud-based temNOW solution will even translate international invoices into a uniform language, with a standard currency.

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Set up your G/L Codes to assign to your invoiced dollars.

temNOW imports those invoices into one normalized, user-friendly location. The data is ready for you and your team to analyze, organize and strategize your technology and other business expenses — any time, anywhere.

With just a few mouse clicks, you’re ready to show real-time analytics of your business spend and order, in terms — and language — that make sense to everyone.

Think of AMI as your technology translator, ready to help you quickly and easily understand every charge on your invoices — and how to direct them for maximum savings.