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AMI Strategies Wins Innovation of the Year Award!

Invoice(AI) Captures Attention at Annual ETMA Conference

AMI Strategies wins the ETMA Innovation of the Year Award

Enterprise Technology Management Association (ETMA) recognizes AMI for its AI-powered Invoice Solution, Invoice(AI).

Smart Data. Smarter Decisions.


Imagine how much more efficient you’d be if you had all your invoice data at your fingertips – in one consistent file format that’s easy to read and fully query-able.

AMI Strategy’s Invoice(AI) converts raw invoice data into “smart”, query-able intelligence using a proprietary combination of:

  • AI algorithms
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology,
  • Data normalization rules, and
  • Relationship correlation between data sets

With Invoice(AI), customers can access all their invoice data through AMI’s user friendly, intuitive interface. And while users experience clean, perfectly organized data, under the hood the system is constantly churning – getting smarter with every invoice that’s input so it can recognize characters, words, paragraphs, tables, normalize data and correlate data relationships with the highest degree of confidence.

A Simple 4-step Process.

How Invoice(AI) Works

How Invoice(AI) works

Just because AI is complex, doesn’t mean it has to be hard to use. Invoice(AI) works with a simple 4-step process:

Drag and drop the invoice into a defined scan path, which can be a directory on the Invoice(AI) server or a user’s FTP site. Invoice(AI) can convert PDF, EDI, BDF and XLS files

Login and Review. From here, Invoice(AI) will automatically normalize data, apply rules  & context and fill in gaps for scanned documents

Output “smart” data to standard XML file. Data will be completely normalized, query-able and ready for upload into an external database.

Use your “smart” data in your company systems or analytic engines (Power BI, ERP, SAP, etc.) to make smarter decisions about spending, cash flow, and budgets.

Why Consider Invoice(AI)?

Invoice(AI) Benefits


Efficient, Consistent Process

Smart, Query-able Invoice Data

Elimination of Manual Data Entry


Elimination of Manual Checks for Data Accuracy

Reduction in Labor Costs

Reduction in Utility Programs

Next Steps?

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