Achieve Maximum Invoice Savings with temNOW

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AM I...double-checking invoices to avoid wasting money (and time) each month?

Could invoice management methods be costing your organization?

It’s the 21st century…but are you still tracking invoices like it’s the ’90s?

Manually entering invoice payment data into your payables system might have worked a few decades ago, but no matter the size of your organization, this is just not the most efficient or cost-effective way to track your business expenses – and it might actually be costing you more money.

Sad but true: Up to 35 percent of your technology invoices contain errors, right now…and manual management of technology invoices is one of the leading causes for overcharges.

So if you’re still tracking your bills internally, by spreadsheet, it’s costing you cold hard cash each month that you don’t have to spend.

If your organization is still manually entering invoice payment data each month, or tracking expenses on a spreadsheet, you're wasting both time and money - it's that simple. 

Anytime, anywhere access to every invoice expense, big or small

Smarter invoice management with temNOW

So, how can you bring your invoice management system into the future, while bringing in hard dollar savings? The time is now for temNOW.

AMI Strategies’ temNOW is an interactive, cloud-based solution that allows global organizations to easily import, review and audit every invoice for crystal-clear insight into every expense. All of your domestic and international invoice data are collected, translated and uploaded into the easy-to-use temNOW interface. A master import schedule ensures invoice data is uploaded in a timely manner, then double-checked for accuracy.

temNOW’s adaptive framework and flexible services expands and fits into your ever-changing enterprise environment. “Plug and play” features for reports, audit rules, data feeds, industry invoice formats, and more mean you can get an overview of your business expense landscape right from the start, or customize the framework to see – and share – only what you need, whenever you need it.

Truly see the entire invoice lifecycle - and your full technology estate - through our powerful temNOW solution.

Real-time IoT and mobility intelligence

Making the most of mobility

Need to get a handle on your mobility- and IoT-related expenses? That’s an area where AMI Strategies really shines.

temNOW audits wireless invoices for excess charges, including roaming and third-party charges, while keeping tabs on the costs associated with each mobile device. Each charge is then properly correlated to every location, department and employee, ready to pull customized reports however you want to track and measure the data.

AMI Strategies even has mobile device experts on hand to address all mobility requests, company-wide – everything from commissioning and set-up to troubleshooting. Learn more about our Mobility Management offerings. 

Meet and succeed in your organization's mobility goals with mobility expense management from AMI Strategies.