Empowered Data

Strategic Decision Making

AM I...getting real-time insight into every aspect of my technology enterprise?

Informed decisions for your technology spend

Are you certain your technology contracts’ pricing aligns with their associated invoices?

How can you know if your employees are using the appropriate technology — including software licenses, mobile devices and audio and video conferencing — for their role in your organization?

Maybe you’ve had a vague idea of how each of the business units at your organization tracks technology components, but your gut instinct senses trouble.

Or maybe you’re integrating contracts, assets, licenses, orders and invoices with people, yet you don’t have an easy way to play with the data to make more strategic decisions.

Don’t just know it – show it

An amazing business and technology expense management solution doesn’t mean much if you can’t show those great results in black and white, or if the reports you create are days or — yikes — weeks old.

Hey, your technology enterprise is fluid and dynamic…shouldn’t your dashboards and reporting engines be just as relevant and current?

AMI screenshot

temNOW from AMI Strategies is a cloud-based, self-service solution, allowing you to slice and dice your integrated data sets however you need it, wherever and whenever you need to access it.

Our suite of strategic outputs will lead you to insightful conclusions about how your organization operates, in formats and terms that make sense to your particular enterprise.

The right information, right now

Need to know how many wireless devices have been issued to the marketing department at your Chicago office? What about how many software licenses exist per employee by department, or whether your new Wide Area Network has produced the savings proposed by the vendor?

Customized dashboards with 70+ unique report functions help you create just the right report for the right situation (because you know Executive A will want to see something different than Board Member B.)

No matter how big or small the request, our temNOW solution helps you quickly and easily access — and demonstrate — exactly the right data.

It's time to bring your tracking into a paperless environment — and the 21st century

Paperless = power

Still working with paper-based expense tracking systems?

AMI Strategies’ powerful temNOW solution digitizes the paper piles sitting on your desk and turns them into data you can actually use.

Real-time interactive visualization in temNOW means you can actually see the impact your technology and other business expenditures are making on your business, right now.

Ready to be empowered? temNOW can help your organization find and use the data you need most.