AMI Newsletters

Welcome Aboard – November 2015

What’s more exciting than managing your telecom spend? • BYOD = Bring Your Own Disaster? • We heart analytics • Great to “cross” paths with you • Now hear this • Sharing is caring • Let’s get friendly

Champagne Anyone? – February 2016

TEM FAQs ASAP • I’d like to speak to the manager • Back in black • You’ve got a friend in me • Sharing is caring

Who’s Looking Out for You? – May 2016

We’ve got your back. We have your six. We’ve got you covered. • Bills, bills, bills • Wired over wireless? • Keeping up with the Joneses (Incorporated) • Sharing is caring • On the road again • You’ve got a friend in me

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West of Mobility – June 2016

Saddle Up! • Mount up for mobility growth • Got IoT? • Cowboys (and girls) don’t cry • Sharing is caring • You’ve got a friend in me

Ch…ch…ch…changes… – September 2016

Time is on my side, at least it was in 1964 for the Rolling Stones • Under pressure, a bit of foreshadowing by Queen perhaps? • Quotable quotes • Did we give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? Tell someone about it and we’ll keep it going. • You’ve got a friend in me

What a year it’s been! – December 2016

Last Christmas… • You’re a keen one, Mrs. Sydlowski

Deep Dive with AMI – March 2017

First, attain data transparency. Let’s see how cloudy our water is… • Tech Savings Talk | Webinar Series 2017 • End User Mobility Report • Quotable quotes • Sharing is caring • You’ve got a friend in me • Calling all technology leaders!