Success Stories

A national non-profit with an annual technology spend of $30 million needed to reduce technology estate expenses and streamline operations. After reviewing the first $12 million in technology invoices, AMI Strategies recovered $1.5 million over the first 12 months.

Download: AMI Strategies Reduces Technology Expenses for National Non-Profit


A tier-one automotive supplier with an annual technology spend of $16 million and 200 global locations in 28 countries needed visibility into its entire technology estate spend. AMI Strategies automated all processes and achieved complete visibility into regional and global technology expenses.

Download: AMI Strategies Harnesses Global Automotive Technology Spend


Link Engineering wanted AMI Strategies to identify ways to streamline costs and better manage its energy spend to achieve price certainty. AMI Strategies reviewed Link Engineering energy invoices and identified ways to reduce the energy spend by 28%.

Download: AMI Strategies Reduces Energy Spend by 28% for Link Engineering


More Technology Expense Management Success Stories

Large State Government – AMI Strategies performed a Total Cost of Ownership project to determine the new standard using Avaya vs. Cisco. By marrying financial and technology expertise, we were able to produce a comprehensive report that gave unbiased facts and analysis so the state government could easily make the decision.

Fortune 500 Utility Company – AMI Strategies performed a Professional Services engagement to assess existing processes against “best practices” for technology invoice lifecycle management. Through the study, AMI Strategies performed a gap analysis to reveal the difference between best practice processes and existing.

Large Call Center Organization –AMI Strategies assessed the call center technology and determined the optimal solution from a network and hardware perspective. Additionally, AMI Strategies created and integrated the data flow from the telephone system, through temNOW to offer charge-back capabilities to their Accounts Payable system.

Energy & Environmental Resource Company – A global environment company was challenged to track their $12M global wireless technology spend. AMI Strategies optimization services helped the company identify and achieve $4.4 million in savings.

Tier-One Auto Supplier – A US-based global manufacturing company faced a significant annual $25M global technology spend. AMI Strategies delivered a 2x return during the first year, and a 1.5x return for the second and third years using temNOW.