Mobility Management

Drive efficiency, security and cost control in your mobility and IoT environment

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As you look at your organization’s digital landscape, are the boundaries becoming blurred?

Mobility madness no more

Mobile devices are deployed 20 times more quickly than PC technology…which means it’s getting harder to keep track of devices, especially when organizations grow quickly or departments “go rogue” in purchasing and assigning these necessary work tools to their employees.

Are any of these questions keeping you up at night?

  • Where are all of your organization’s mobile technologies right now?
  • Are the invoices accurate?
  • Are they secure?
  • Do devices belong to each employee, or to the company?
  • Is your organization tracking the costs per employee? Do the costs align with the vendor contracts?
  • Is your organization taking advantage of the latest vendor plans or offerings?
AMI Strategies is a partner that truly understands the challenges that come with managing your mobility goals.

On average, our mobility optimization program drives out more than 20% of a client’s cost per device.

The dream of mobility...the nightmare of management?

Many organizations believe that providing employees with the devices and connectivity they need will lead to greater productivity, and even a competitive advantage. That’s the dream.

Yet tracking all those devices — along with plans, data usage, policy compliance and security — can turn your mobility management efforts into a real nightmare.

The AMI Strategies team helps tame and manage your tech priorities, from purchasing new devices and accessories and handling employee inquiries, to service requests and decommissioning of devices.

Go ahead — bring your biggest mobility management challenge. AMI Strategies is ready for it.

Smarter mobile device management

We know wireless and wireline vendors and contracts so well, it’s second nature for us to find the best vendor and plan for your organization’s mobile goals and budget.

Our team works to make sure you get the best plan for your organization's specific needs — which carries over into big savings.