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Real savings through global technology inventory management

It’s a simple equation:

More employees + multiple locations = more wireline and wireless technology to keep track of.

So why is keeping tabs on all that inventory so difficult?

How can you be certain that the number of technology devices and licenses you’re paying for are the same as what’s actually in use at your organization?

Staying on top of inventory – especially across multiple locations – can quickly become one big pain in the spreadsheet.


That's where AMI Strategies comes in.

Bring a little law and order to your technology inventory

Truly know your technology inventory count

As organizations grow and change, so does its inventory – but how accurate is your count?

Has every department accounted for each corporate-owned mobile device as employees come and go with the company? Did that new satellite office across the country purchase three copiers, or four? And are all these assets still in use, and as frequently as what you’re paying for?

The Inventory Manager function in AMI Strategies’ temNOW solution helps you stay on top of every device in every location – and the invoices associated with them – so that no technology is left behind.

Customized fields allow you to categorize and analyze your organization’s technology assets and spend any way you like, whenever you like.

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Manage your devices to know where your technology assets are.