AMI Services


All solutions support international invoices. The invoice import service is able to translate and import international invoices as well as domestic invoices. The invoice import service will translate the native language of the invoice to English and convert the native currency to U.S. dollars based on the appropriate currency conversion rate. This provides CFOs, CIOs, and executive managers with the ability to understand the global impact and expenses of their technology estate worldwide.

temNOW Services

temNOW is one of the expense management industry’s most robust and scalable suites of flexible, adaptable solutions and services that address today’s complex technology and telecom expense management challenges.


Professional Services

  • One-time invoice, contract, inventory, plan audit
  • Benchmark/metric service review
  • Sourcing recommendations
  • Project management

Mobility Service Desk

  • Wireless Mobility Service Desk Offerings
  • Wireline Mobility Service Desk Offerings