Mobility Service Desk

AMI Strategies’ mobility service desk will be the primary contact for wireline- and wireless-related service issues and support. These issues could range from wireless device support to circuit outages to billing questions.

Using temNOW, this team will collect the information from the user and assign it to the appropriate internal AMI team or work it themselves. Monthly reports are shared to monitor performance and share metrics.

After each request, a link is sent with a quick survey in order to manage satisfaction levels. The mobility service desk maintains “white glove” treatment for its end user client base.

Wireless Mobility Service Desk Offerings

AMI Strategies offers a single point of contact to handle all of your corporate wireless issues and user problems. AMI’s skilled team of professionals is knowledgeable in all aspects of wireless devices.

AMI’s mobility service desk agents responds to employee inquiries, requests for change or repair, and procurement activities, be it new devices and accessories or decommissioning of devices. We stay in constant contact with you and your vendor to ensure that orders are completed as expected, while providing excellent end-user support.

Your support team handles each service request within the guidelines of each client’s specific policies. Service requests can include:

  • Ordering new phones
  • Canceling and replacing lost phones
  • Fixing and/or replacing malfunctioning phones
  • Any problems and issues

Best of all, you gain access to AMI Strategies’ wireless talent: experienced management specialists who assess, audit, plan, design, integrate, deploy, and manage your wireless program.

Wireline Mobility Service Desk Offerings

AMI Strategies’ wireline mobility service desk manages all move, add, change or disconnect (MACD) orders for voice, conferencing, and data lines.

Whether you need to move the location of a voice or data line, add services to an existing line, change services or disconnect a line, AMI Strategies works to your benefit to complete the order efficiently, using a closed-loop process from receipt of the request and fulfillment of the order to accuracy of the associated charges on the invoice.

Some benefits of our MACD-ordering services include:

  • New services implemented with the most cost-effective rates
  • Services ordered with the correct service providers
  • Invoices sent to the appropriate bill payment location
  • Assurance that disconnected services are actually removed from billing
  • Confirmation that all rendered services are within current contractual rates and SLAs
  • Continual project management / service order lifecycle, to ensure no detail is missed