Professional Services


Manual Historical Bill Auditing

AMI Strategies performs telecommunications and utility-based invoice audits to validate invoices against your contract, and to check for errors and anomalies on invoices. These audits produce significant credits or savings.

Carrier Contract Negotiations

Because AMI Strategies is carrier independent, we have the ability to negotiate contracts on our Clients behalf to obtain attain optimal carrier pricing, terms and performance guarantees. We do this by leveraging rates, discounts, minimum annual revenue commitments, and invoice data being managed with temNOW.


We have an extensive library of industry programs, services, products, rates, terms and conditions, discounts offerings, etc. This can help benchmark your current pricing against other organizations with similar volumes, vendors, service mix, etc.

TEM Best Practices

As experts in TEM, we can assess your current environment against TEM Best Practices. These gap analysis oriented projects aid in understanding the specific areas to prioritize and invest.

Process Engineering

Our consultants receive ITIL training. This training focuses on People, Process and Technology, so process mapping documentation clearly delineate priorities and expected outcomes.


For Voice and Data hardware and/or networks – we can help with selection projects whether writing the RFI or the RFP.