Managed Services


The Managed Services offerings allow our clients to build upon the temNOW base platform by selecting additional services. Packaging of these technology expense management services provides a way to customize a solution that will meet a client’s specific needs.

Invoice Import

AMI collects, translates, and uploads domestic and global invoice data into temNOW. A master import schedule ensures invoice data is uploaded on a timely basis. Once uploaded, temNOW validates the data for accuracy.

Allocation and Approval Services

AMI performs general ledger allocation efforts for wired, wireless, energy, and international invoice types, whether identified by percentages, by dollar amount, or by ratio-to-total spend. There is no limit on the number of segments or characters a general ledger code could have.

Dispute Management

Manage the lifecycle of disputes from origination to closing once validated on the invoice. The AMI Strategies Dispute Management team reviews exceptions and notifications generated from temNOW and creates disputes to be resolved with vendor.

Resolution of disputes includes:

  • Contacting the vendor to resolve the dispute and obtain any credits.
  • Documenting the resolution of the dispute within temNOW.
  • Closing the dispute.

Invoice Payment Services

We pay invoices on your behalf from your unique escrow account. Once paid, invoice data such as confirmation numbers, check numbers, date of payment is collected and uploaded into the temNOW system.

Rate Management

AMI manages rate schedules, both contractual and non-contractual, on your behalf. This ensures that contractual rates are reflected on invoices, and can help identify and understand charges on the invoice that are not under contract. Reports from temNOW disclose these conditions.

Order, Procurement and Fulfillment Support

AMI Strategies uses the MACD (moves, adds, changes, deletes) interface in temNOW to procure and fulfill orders for technology expense management services such as wireline, wireless and energy. Procurement and fulfillment data is validated with the next invoice. temNOW reconciles purchase orders, contracts and other data to ensure accurate invoices, inventory and orders. The system manages the complete lifecycle of an order, from initiation and order entry, submission to the carrier, tracking, to service delivery. After service delivery occurs and is closed, temNOW pulls the item into active inventory.

Inventory Management Services

AMI Strategies creates an inventory of assets and services to serve as baseline values. Reporting from temNOW tracks inventory and correlates the relationships. For wireline, this means understanding voice and data networks with associated components identified. For wireless, the correlation ties the device to an employee and telephone number. For energy, the system tracks meters against a service address.

Wireless Plan Optimization

Through our technology expense management services, we can help optimize wireless plans for large enterprises with multiple locations. temNOW invoice data and easy interface provide a streamlined approach to mobile optimization.

Data Analytics Reporting

AMI Strategies has a full reporting and data analytics suite, which provides metrics for strategic decision-making. The system opens up real-time visibility of the technology estate spend for all stakeholders, giving a deep understanding of the entire technology inventory. It ensures the productivity of all assets and controls their costs.

temNOW Mobility Service Desk

AMI Strategies’ temNOW Mobility Service Desk is the primary contact for temNOW-related service issues, billing issues, auditing and support questions. Monthly reports including metrics are shared to monitor performance.