Is temNOW Technology Expense Management a Fit for You?

If you answer “yes” to any of these, temNOW could improve your bottom line.

Technology Expense Management

Do you need help finding ways to save money on your energy or technology invoices?

Auditing technology invoices is an arduous process, and the activity should be handled via an automated monthly solution.

Are you maximizing price points in your contract negotiations?

Technology- and utility-based contract negotiations are complex. It’s necessary to baseline pricing values against your peers and/or organizations with similar volumes and service mixes to fully know that your organization is paying for competitive price points.

Are your technology orders associated and reconciled with your inventory and invoices?

Whether you are ordering wireless devices or data circuits, actually associating the ordered service with the associated invoice can be challenging and tedious. If this is not an activity that is performed by your organization, there is a large potential for savings and credit.

Do you need a third-party technology expense management partner to assist with technology procurement decisions, like a new phone system or Wide Area Network?

Although technology should be used to simplify the environment, procuring it requires deep expertise. A third party can validate the decision making to create the confidence to move forward with a large financial commitment.

Do you have multiple locations?

If your organization has multiple locations, this potentially requires you to have a Wide Area Network for voice and data services – which means your voice and data bills have significant susceptibility to errors.


Do you have multiple technology and/or utility vendors?

With multiple technology and/or utility vendors, management complexity increases…and the ability to see a consistent, holistic view of the entire technology estate’s products and services via one reporting vehicle decreases.

Do you need help managing energy and/or technology invoices and vendors?

Managing technology invoices is complex and requires multiple stakeholders in an organization to follow the life cycle of the invoice for approving, auditing, allocating, and payment. In today’s environment, this effort should, ideally, be paperless.

Are you receiving the maximum amount of credits from vendors when anomalies occur?

Technology and utility invoices are riddled with errors. Once credits are identified, getting the vendor to issue the full value requires a skill of both tenacity and conviction.

Do you incur late fees or disconnect notices because of corporate payment policies?

Late fees and disconnect notices are a sure sign that a process can be improved, and a financial value can be quickly attained.

Do you need a third party to document existing process work flows and create “best practice” work flows for technology invoice life cycle management?

One of the most undervalued activities in organizations today is in the importance of documenting existing processes. Without this documentation, a recommended “best practice” workflow cannot be completed.


When it comes to technology expense management, do you know your per-device cost?

Are you auditing wireless invoices for excess charges, such as roaming and third-party charges?

Do you optimize to ensure that you aren’t over-utilizing or underutilizing your plan?

Do you have corporate-owned and/or BYOD (bring your own device) wireless devices?

If your organization is managing wireless devices via corporate-owned devices or BYOD, staffing this management effort is underestimated – and employee expectations can be over-demanding.

Do you need help creating a corporate wireless policy?

No matter who you are, your organization needs a wireless policy to ensure corporate security and governance requirements are fulfilled.


Are your invoices audited on a monthly basis for rate anomalies, missing or new accounts, new line charges or missing charges, and more?

Technology and utility invoices are riddled with errors. If invoices are not reviewed monthly with great scrutiny, a significant opportunity exists for refunds and credits.

Do you have a set of invoices that you would like audited quickly, independent of a technology expense management system?

During difficult financial times, finding dollars anywhere is important. Manual technology and/or utility auditing is an avenue to uncover these dollars.

Do you manually enter invoice payment data into your payables system?

Manually entering technology and/or utility invoice payment data is not necessary, and is not a value-added activity. The process to pay these invoices can be streamlined and simplified.

Do you manage international invoices and/or devices?

A global enterprise with multiple languages and currencies is complex to manage, whether you’re working with mobile devices or international invoices. Unless there is a means to translate all vendor invoices to a uniform language along with a standard currency, it is difficult to understand the environment from a holistic point of view.

Do you generate inter-company invoices or provide chargeback services?

The very nature of “charge-back” often makes division executives suspicious of the charges. This suspicion will perpetuate unless there is a streamlined, automated vehicle to do so consistently.