Profit Recovery and ROI

Profit Recovery and ROI

AM I... reviewing our invoices each month for anomalies and errors?

Bring the big financial elephants back home

Have your global vendor invoices gotten a little, well, heavy lately?

Multiple technology and utility vendors increase the complexity of your monthly invoice tracking and payment process, especially as your organization transforms and grows.

The solution is to review every line item to the least common denominator for each of your monthly invoices, every month, to ensure all errors are disclosed. But how can you justify the resources needed to deeply audit the invoices?

Through invoice management alone, AMI Strategies finds savings that pay for temNOW services — and then some.

Find the fat in your global vendor invoices

Lean and mean, not elephantine

From forgotten technologies to errors in the invoice itself, it’s easy for costs to add up quickly – and the more locations your organization has, the more it adds up.

AMI Strategies is ready to help you identify, dispute and track the costs reported in your vendor invoices, helping you bring home big financial savings and profit recovery.

Our temNOW platform integrates invoices, contracts, orders, assets and people, for the sole purpose of identifying invoice anomalies to bring them front and center. The results are significant financial returns.

And through the automated invoice management process in temNOW, stakeholders across the organization can follow the invoice lifecycle for approval, auditing, allocating and payment – all in a paperless environment.

Track credits screenshot
Track your credits, dollars and savings in one easy-to-find place.



Beginning to end, AMI Strategies helps your organization bring in big savings for a true, hard dollar ROI.