A Michigan Public Utility Entity



Identified 30% savings on annualized spend

MiDEAL Partners Using AMI Have Saved 30% in Annualized Spend:

Case Study:

A Michigan public utility company needed to identify and catalogue its telecom environment to understand the assets in use and overall spend. The company also needed a way to audit the current environment to consolidate, update and streamline current agreements as well as validate that all legacy connections were accounted for and appropriately disconnected, resulting in cost reductions. To achieve these aims, the company put out an RFP to solicit proposals for a service to audit and optimize the telephony (fixed and mobile) and data service usage and expenses incurred by the company. 

AMI Strategies won the RFP, and together these partners spent the next few months gathering data, conducting a baseline and inventory, and performing an audit. The results of this were dramatic: AMI was able to identify 30% in annualized cost savings for this public utility provider.

This partnership was so successful that the company wanted to continue using AMI’s cloud-based technology expense management platform solution, temNOW, for ongoing expense management, auditing, and savings. Traditionally, this would require that they company publish a new RFP and review submissions from a variety of companies – a long and tedious process. But because AMI already had a contract with the state of Michigan, and was an approved member of MiDEAL, they were able to avoid the RFP process and implement AMI’s temNOW solution immediately.