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AMI Strategies Announces the Launch of Invoice(AI)™

Posted on APRIL 29, 2019

AMI Strategies Announces the Launch of Invoice(AI)

AMI’s Invoice(AI) product was designed to use Artificial Intelligence to easily capture invoice data detail, normalize the results and generate smart, query-able data in return.

LIVONIA, MICHIGAN- AMI STRATEGIES, a global technology expense and mobility management firm has announced the launch of its Invoice(AI) product which uses a simple interface and artificial intelligence to capture invoice data from a simple scan and normalize data for real results.

“Gone are the days of parsing unstructured invoice data, manually inputting your pdf invoices, and working with inferior OCR technologies” says Jon Dezelsky, EVP, AMI Strategies. “Invoice(AI) not only reduces your labor costs, it makes your invoices smarter. ” says Dezelsky.

For the past 30 years, AMI Strategies has been working with Enterprise clients to help manage the life cycle of their invoice environment. The frustration of uploading volumes of invoices (paper and electronic), the invoice errors, and the significant amount of labor required led to the question “how can we optimize this process?”

Invoice(AI) works with any system or application, has a simple setup, eliminates data entry errors and increases data consistency. Enterprise clients will see a drop in labor costs related to inputting data, as a simple scan outputs their invoice data into an .xml file that is normalized and query-able. No longer is data entry and translations required; nor is technical AI experience.

ABOUT AMI AMI Strategies is a Technology Expense and Mobility Management firm headquartered in Livonia, MI. Their proprietary system, temNOW™, and their ServiceNow Mobility Management portal manages and automates invoices, services, and devices throughout the entire lifecycle. AMI is a WBEC (Women’s Business Enterprise Council member) and serves as active board members in MTL (Midwest Technology Leaders), MCWT (Michigan Council of Women in Technology), and active in ETMA (Enterprise Technology Management Association).


AMI Strategies is currently offering the opportunity for companies to test their own invoices using Invoice(AI) for free. For more information, visit us here.  To request the demo, please contact SALES, 866-264-8870 or email