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AMI Strategies’ Enhanced Telecom Expense Management Helps Businesses Cut Costs

Posted on AUGUST 13, 2018

Enhanced telecom expense management offers easy-to-use temNOW™ interface for faster, more improved decision making

LIVONIA, Mich. — <January 29, 2015> — AMI Strategies, a recognized leader of telecom expense management solutions, announces the availability of its next-generation telecom expense management solution, temNOW™, with a completely redesigned user interface and expanded accessibility on any browser and device. The intuitive interface provides easy access to a range of telecom expense reports and data for improved decision making.

Known as temNOW TruView, the intuitive interface is easier for businesses to use and understand, and is browser- and device-independent, allowing anytime, anywhere access from any device. temNOW is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that manages telecommunications and energy/utility based invoices.

temNOW TruView provides ease of use for a range of businesses with universal management actions in areas such as invoice allocations, freezing, approval, and payment; opening and closing exceptions and disputes; purchase order assignment; invoice approval assignment; and more. The enhanced interface provides relevant expense data for fact-based actions and intelligent decisions about telecom expense management.

Additional clarity and perspective of the displayed page is seamless with embedded charts and graphs. Users can quickly and easily export data displayed on the page to a spreadsheet or other application.

“This enhanced telecom expense management interface gives our clients a “true view” of their expenses that is easy to understand and visualize. The strength of temNOW TruView is that mission-critical expense metrics are easily available to the entire enterprise – in real time – so companies have a better chance to take action about decisions as they happen, for a more competitive business process,” stated Dean Keeler, vice president of software development at AMI Strategies.

About AMI Strategies

AMI Strategies provides businesses with market-leading solutions to streamline telecom expense management for wireline and wireless services, energy and utilities, and copiers and leases. Companies partnering with AMI Strategies benefit from a scalable, customizable SaaS system delivering real-time, 360-degree visibility into expense related invoices. AMI Strategies’ proprietary temNOW system and technical expertise encompass the entire procure-to-pay invoice lifecycle. Organizations gain value from AMI Strategies through expense reduction, automated invoice management, greater invoice transparency, and enhanced reporting for improved decision making. With AMI Strategies, companies reduce average invoice charges by 10-35%, freeing up capital for other business-critical activities.

Note: temNOW is a trademark of AMI Strategies, Inc.

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