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AMI Strategies Launches ServiceNow Mobility Management Portal

Posted on APRIL 29, 2019

AMI’s ServiceNow Mobility Management Portal automates the provisioning & procurement process for services and devices.

LIVONIA, MICHIGAN – AMI STRATEGIES, a global technology expense and mobility management firm has announced the deployment of its ServiceNow Mobility Management portal which automates the provisioning & procurement process for mid-size to large corporations.

“The ServiceNow platform and the custom application that AMI’s ServiceNow team has built allows AMI Strategies to offer Mobility Management for mid-size to enterprise size clients” stated Jon Dezelsky, EVP, AMI Strategies. “The new automation allows our clients to virtually provision and procure through our Self-Help portal without having to pick up the phone. API’s to the carriers activate/change a service or a device based on a request by the client’s personnel which follow their mobility policies” says Dezelsky.

The ServiceNow Mobility Management Portal also launches four additional services.

  • 24/7 Help Desk. Addressing a break/fix issue with the physical device that prevents the user from utilizing the device.  Problems/issues would include: cannot login to an application, broken screen, device is not responding, adding international service, escalation to the carrier, MDM support, unlocking the device, etc.  Such activities can be classified as tier 1, tier 2 or tier 3 support.
  • Optimization. Rightsizing a group of wireless plans (plan management) to ensure the users are not over or under utilized based upon the usage trend of all end users as compared to the total allowance of all plans within the group.  The goal of this process is to drive down costs going forward by analyzing historical trends for a group of users.
  • Expense Management. Managing the expense life cycle to identify billing errors, work disputes and retrieve credits to minimize and/or mitigate “fat” in invoices.  Expense management centralizes expense-related data while continuing to support the decentralized management of the invoices for allocation, approval and payment.
  • Device Value Recovery. Managing the end-of-life process for wireless devices while supporting corporate security policies, driving rebates back to the customer and providing certified pre-owned wireless devices as a less expensive alternative to new wireless devices.

The AMI Strategies team’s experience with leading global brands across multiple industries allows their expertise with Expense and Mobility Management to increase productivity, generate revenue and savings for their diverse array of clientele.

AMI Strategies is a Technology Expense and Mobility Management firm headquartered in Livonia, MI. Their proprietary system, temNOW™, and their ServiceNow Mobility Management portal manages and automates invoices, services, and devices throughout the entire lifecycle. AMI is a WBEC (Women’s Business Enterprise Council member) and serves as active board members in MTL (Midwest Technology Leaders), MCWT (Michigan Council of Women in Technology), and is active in ETMA (Enterprise Technology Management Association).


AMI Strategies’ deployment of their ServiceNow Mobility Management portal brings innovation and automation to your company’s process. For more information or to request a brief demo, please contact SALES at or 866-264-8870.