AMI Strategies & MiDEAL


MiDEAL is an extended purchasing program from the state of Michigan wherein cities, counties, townships, villages, universities, colleges, school districts and non-profit hospitals have access to more than 500 state contracts with vendors across a wide spectrum of services. Under MiDEAL, the state has already established contracts with select vendors and pre-negotiated terms and conditions. As a result, MiDEAL members can partner with approved vendors without first conducting an RFP – saving valuable time and resources and reducing the administrative burden of seeking out new vendor relationships.

AMI’s temNOW Expense Management Solution Provides MiDEAL Members:

Clean Inventory

temNOW gives clients clear visibility into each piece of their telephony (fixed and mobile) inventory.

Paperless Workflow

temNOW converts all invoices & contracts into a digital format that’s organized and easily searchable.

Automated Auditing

temNOW uses SMART technology to audit all of the pieces of a bill, optimize spend & find hidden savings.

Optimization & Cost Savings

temNOW is proven to help MiDEAL partners identify up to 30% savings on annual technology spend right out of the gate.

MiDEAL Partners Have Saved 30% in Annualized Spend with AMI:

A Michigan public utility company needed to identify and catalogue its telecom environment to understand the assets in use and overall spend.

After a quick and seamless procurement process, AMI Strategies got to work – conducting a baseline and inventory, and performing an audit. The results of this partnership were dramatic: AMI was able to identify 30% in annualized cost savings for this public utility provider right out of the gate.

And because AMI already had a contract with the state of Michigan, and was an approved member of MiDEAL, this public utility company was able to engage with AMI’s full temNOW product (and experience all the great benefits therein) without having to go through a tedious RFP process. 

What Our MiDEAL Partners Are Saying:

“We’ve worked with AMI for over a year on a telecommunication expense management project, reviewing our invoices and engaging in a collaborative process to validate that phone lines were still in use and that all rates being paid were competitive with the current market. They’ve been a very engaged and diligent partner in pursuing savings opportunities with our telecom vendors and the results have exceeded our expectations.”

-Rod Davenport, CIO

Where to Find AMI Strategies?

AMI Strategies can be found under the invoice auditing software section of the MiDEAL vendor list (contract number 200000000358). In addition to this public utilities provider, AMI has 30 years of experience helping a wide variety of companies – including clients in the utilities, state & local government, education, healthcare and non-profit sectors – optimize technology environments, reduce expenditures and find hidden opportunities for savings.
See some of our results below:


With its temNOW platform, AMI Strategies helped one of the nation’s largest non-profit organizations to recover $500,000 in the first four months of its partnership.


AMI’s temNOW reviewed more than 200,000 billing exceptions and empowered Michigan’s largest healthcare system to recover significant savings:
Savings in 2017 = $450,000
Savings in 2018 = $3,900,000
Savings in 2019 = $1,000,000


AMI leveraged its automated auditing processes to uncover $336,000 in missed savings in the first three months of working with one of the nation’s leading energy providers. This ROI makes this company’s partnership with AMI entirely self-funding.

Ready to get Started?

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