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AMI Strategies Reduces Telecom Expenses for National Non-Profit

Posted on JULY 2, 2018

Our Assignment

This national non-profit humanitarian organization was under significant pressure to reduce telecommunications expenses and implement standardized processes. With limited knowledge of their decentralized spend, inventory and assets, number of suppliers and number of monthly invoices – the organization needed AMI Strategies Technology Expense Management.

Situation Analysis 

AMI Strategies initiated a Professional Services Audit of a subset of the organization’s telecom invoices to drive immediate savings; while implementing Technology Expense Management program and formalized process mapping.

The Results

The Audit exposed the organization’s actual telecommunications spend, number of vendors, and number of invoices received per month. The results are illustrated in the chart below, which differed significantly from the organizations initial estimates

From the review of an initial $12 million of telecom invoice spend, AMI Strategies recovered over $1.5 million in invoice credits for the national non-profit. In addition, AMI Strategies deployed its Technology Expense Management service and proprietary temNOW™ system, and implemented standardized process for the organization. It now functions with:
• Transparent management of the lifecycle of all monthly invoices using a standard workflow and secure cloud-based system.
• Visibility into every data point on an invoice, organized strategically reporting; inventory by location; charges by cost center and other defined characteristics.
• Data analytics that create and illustrate “what if” scenarios.
• Monthly automated auditing and general ledger allocations
• Centralized data, transparency, and standardized process.

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