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AMI Strategies Wins Innovation of the Year Award

Posted on OCTOBER 23, 2019

Enterprise Technology Management Association (ETMA) recognizes AMI for its AI-powered Invoice Solution

LIVONIA, MICHIGAN – AMI Strategies, the industry leader in enterprise expense and mobility management, has won the Enterprise Technology Management Association’s (ETMA) Innovation of the Year Award for its artificial-intelligence-powered expense application, Invoice(AI).

Invoice(AI)™ was designed to eliminate manual invoice data entry, improve data accuracy and standardization and provide rich, actionable insights from amalgamated, enterprise invoice data.

The solution converts raw invoice data into “smart”, query-able intelligence using a proprietary combination of AI, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, data normalization rules and relationship correlation between data sets.

“Invoices don’t come in a single standard format, and the process of manually normalizing and inputting these disparate forms of invoice data can be a real strain on an organization’s personnel and financial resources. Invoice(AI) relieves this burden—automatically uploading and standardizing invoice data so that it’s more searchable, actionable and impacting than ever before.”
– Dean Keeler, CTO AMI Strategies

The Innovation Award was voted on by ETMA membership at its September conference in Atlanta, Georgia. ETMA seeks to raise industry standards, recognize its members’ achievements and promote the value of solutions through the Innovation of the Year Award. The selection criteria included four factors: the degree of innovation; market response from clients, delivery of the offering, and how the value proposition is being fulfilled and validated in the marketplace.

“Competitors are the toughest critics, and they are also best positioned to determine which organizations truly exemplify the Innovation of the Year Award criteria,” said Joe Basili, Managing Director for ETMA.

Invoice(AI) is part of AMI Strategies’ solutions for enterprise expense management. For more information about AMI Strategies or its award-winning Invoice(AI) solution, click here or email Jon Dezelsky at



Headquartered in Michigan for over 29 years, AMI Strategies partners with clients to drive optimal business results by managing their technical, financial, and operational processes and data for their technology estate. With a drive for innovating for future trends, our skilled team focuses on listening first, learning and documenting processes, and ultimately building applications to generate the most efficient workflow possible. Serving Clients in every continent, AMI offers a suite of global solutions for Expense Management (TEM) and Managed Mobility Service (Helpdesk, Self-help Portal, Order and Procurement) which encompasses full management and integration of invoices, assets, and orders. AMI is a diversity supplier and Women-Owned Business Enterprise – WBE (Certification Number: W070241).


ETMA, the Enterprise Technology Management Association is a non-profit organization with more than 50 members managing over $71 Billion in enterprise expenses. Its ongoing mission is to raise awareness, foster industry growth, improve the quality and value of solutions, and establish industry standards. Further, ETMA members subscribe to a Code of Ethics, which clearly establishes standards and differentiates their level of commitment to their clients. ETMA does not sell consulting services or solutions.

Members provide solutions for enterprises in: Technology Management, Managed Services, Expense Management, Telecommunications Management, Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Mobile Expense Management, Managed Mobility Services (MMS), Mobile Device Management MDM and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions and other related areas. Learn more about ETMA online at