AMI Strategies Welcomes David Sonenstein to Lead Extractbots™

AMI Strategies Welcomes David Sonenstein to Lead Extractbots™

We are excited to announce the launch of our new AI company, Extractbots™ Approachable Intelligent Document Processing for Any Business. 

Industry thought leader, David Sonenstein, will be leading the new organization.  Not only does David have executive experience in software, operations, and product led initiatives, he also has been working in the data extraction field for over fifteen years.

“We could not be more intentional and enthused about the “fit” of this individual to lead our new Extractbots™ organization.” said Jane Sydlowski, CEO of AMI Strategies. 

How does Extractbots™ help organizations? 

Data entry stinks, yet it exists in every business in every vertical, everywhere in the world. 

It is not only time consuming, but humans make errors, and incorrect data entry costs businesses on average 30% or more of their revenue. Coupled with rising labor costs, manual data entry is an expensive line item for any company. 

As organizations continue to adopt data-hungry SaaS applications, they are looking for new ways to eliminate the repetitive, manual data-entry tasks required to make these apps work, and break up document-processing logjams from things like vendor invoices, purchase orders, forms, statements, contracts and claims.

Extractbots is a new breed of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution that extracts document data without the need for clients to change their processes, waste time learning a new platform, or battle for attention from their IT team.

Give us your documents, tell us what data you want out of them, what format you want it delivered in, and we’ll do the rest!

  • No Sales Demos
  • No Toolkits
  • No Trainings
  • Just Results

“Most executives know they have data-entry problems, they just don’t realize they can solve them so easily,” adds Sonenstein. “Since we do all the work and provide the service at an affordable rate, Extractbots makes IDP so approachable that any Average Joe can insert AI into their business processes without making it a big, annoying IT project.”

“And we are willing to put out money where our mouth is,” adds Jon Dezelsky, EVP of AMI Strategies and Extractbots. “Through our complimentary Proof-of-Concept program, we will show any business, using their real documents, how fast and accurate our solution really is before they spend a penny.”  

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