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Are you a business stereotype?

Posted on SEPTEMBER 5, 2017

Ever feel like you’ve become a business catchphrase?

You’re doing more with less. Trying to get your ducks in a row. Thinking outside of the box to move the needle.

Yeah, we get it — basically, you’re trying to do everything you can to manage your organization’s technology and other business expenses, but it’s getting tougher to do each day.

It’s okay; we understand. But your organization might not.

Once you realize that money is being wasted somewhere (or inventory is not being properly tracked, or that you could be getting a better deal from your vendors, or…), it’s kind of hard to ignore.

For more than 25 years, AMI has made it our business to help your business recapture excess spend. We dive into your organization’s monthly invoices to help you better see not just how much is being spent across all locations and departments, but also track the physical elements such as wireless and wireline inventory.

And what kinds of results can you expect from this method? Well, we love to give 110% of our effort and our clients typically see cost savings of up to 35%!

Curious about how AMI Strategies could benefit your organization? Reach out to our team to find out how we can synergize. (Okay, we’re stopping now.)

There’s no disputing it…

…our team thrives on helping clients roll money back into their budgets via credits and savings each month. In fact, we love it so much that our Dispute Team has a new name: the ROI Team!

Our ROI Analysts are dedicated to making sure every dollar is accounted for on each vendor invoice, and to launch a search and rescue mission for the “hidden” money and credits we’re famous for finding.

Ready to put our ROI Team to work for your organization? We won’t argue — contact us today.

Quotable quotes

“When we talk about the Internet of Things, it’s not just putting RFID tags on some dumb thing so we smart people know where that dumb thing is. It’s about embedding intelligence so things become smarter and do more than they were proposed to do.”

— Nicholas Negroponte, founder and Chairman Emeritus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab and founder of the One Laptop per Child Association

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You’ve got a friend in me

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