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How to best manage technology invoices for greater cost savings

You’ve got all of your organization’s technology invoices flowing into one location or department. The bills are paid, and all is right with the world. That’s all you really need to keep tabs on your technology estate, right?

Think again.

Successfully managing your technology spend won’t work if you’re simply collecting and processing invoices all in one place.

Instead, combining finance, procurement and operations efforts is the only true way to ensure that technology purchases and usage are consistent across the board, and within established policies.

It’s time to get some real-time visibility into your technology reporting for all stakeholders, which will help you gain a deeper understanding of inventory and better ensure productivity and cost control… which means you need to dive deeper into invoice management, dispute resolution and contract negotiations with your technology vendors.

Let’s talk tech expense tracking

Why isn’t it enough to have your organization’s technology invoices collected and paid from one location?

In short: Because until you truly know what’s being charged versus what’s being received, and that the invoice charges are accurate, you can’t always be certain you’re getting what you pay for— and that could mean money lost each month.

By auditing technology expenses against contract terms, you’ll ensure that there are no erroneous or hidden fees, and that all the terms of your vendor contracts are fulfilled. In addition, by auditing expenses against contracts, you’ll ensure that all invoices accurately reflect expenses, and that the organization is not continuing to pay for a service that no longer exists — for example, when a WAN circuit is disconnected, or an employee leaves but their company cell phone or other device remains in service.

Discovering billing anomalies and identifying services no longer needed requires special expertise and fresh eyes. This visibility is where AMI Strategies comes in, making the process systematic and automated.

Why a third party is your best bet for negotiations

Once you have greater visibility into your technology usage across the organization, including a centralized inventory of technology assets and vendor contracts, your organization is in a much better position to strategically plan next steps.

Truly understanding your technology assets, contracts and invoices means you now know what to prioritize in your vendor negotiation process — which is as important to realizing savings as reducing expenses through the invoice management process itself.

But, just because you’re in a better spot to negotiate, doesn’t necessarily mean you WANT to be the one doing the negotiating. That’s where the TEM experts like AMI Strategies can save you time and money.

Our specific knowledge of vendor rate structures and discounts from our temNOW™ system — combined with knowledge of your organization’s priorities — means we’re able to negotiate appropriate price points by service type.

And that adds up to significant technology budget savings.

Ready to bring in the heavyweights?

AMI Strategies works relentlessly to find and recover those charges and anomalies. We have a 25-year history of working with every vendor imaginable to create the greatest savings possible for organizations across the globe.

Get in touch with us today — we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get down to business for your budget.