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Posted on OCTOBER 25, 2016

Are you a CCO – a Chief Change Officer? If so, rock on. You are likely to stay employed in 2017…congratulations to you!

OK, likely you are a Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief “Internet of Everything” Officer. … The reality is….if you are managing the technology equation within your enterprise, it is your personal responsibility to drive change thoughtfully, fast and furious in order to maintain market share.

It’s a tall order for someone who is likely juggling several other major organizational priorities at once. That’s why you need a tried-and-true partner to help you stay on top of your technology estate.

From mobility and “everything” management to invoice insight, AMI Strategies has spent 25 years helping global organizations cut costs while staying on the cutting edge of technology needs. Read on for some ways we can help…

Time is on my side, at least it was in 1964 for the Rolling Stones

Ah, and there’s nothing better than finding a few spare minutes in your day to sip slowly on a nice hot cup o’ joe and curl up with…a stack of error-filled invoices.

Hardly how you’d like to spend your extra time, is it? Yet up to 35% of technology invoices contain errors, so you know that your technology bills need a good hard look.

That’s where a great automated technology expense management (TEM) system fits the bill (ha!): AMI Strategies’ temNOW system takes your myriad of invoices and matches up monthly expenses with the proper contracts and billing rates – ensuring that no dollar is overspent.

And, frankly, neither is your time.

Find out how temNOW can find “hidden” money (and time) for your organization.

Under pressure, a bit of foreshadowing by Queen perhaps?

It’s okay to admit it: Managing your corporate wireless program has gotten a little out of hand.

With a growing workforce hungry for mobile devices – which, by the way, are deployed 20 times more quickly than PC technology – who could blame you?

It’s time to call in some reinforcements.

The AMI Strategies team takes pride in handling all of your corporate wireless challenges – from issuing devices and making sure each employee corresponds to the correct rate and contract, to handling user problems and troubleshooting when needed…making your organization’s wireless program more of the asset it was intended to be, and less of a headache.

Learn more about our Mobility Service Desk offerings.

Quotable quotes

“This is the most challenging time in history to be a CIO, because in order to survive, organizations need to embrace new technologies at an unparalleled pace. But by the same token, CIOs have never had a better opportunity to add value to their organizations – if they embrace the challenge.” – Mark Sunday, CIO, Oracle

Did we give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? Tell someone about it and we’ll keep it going.

Our recent customer survey revealed that 90% of you would refer us to another business. We’re flattered – and we want to share the love!

Let us know about an organization you want to see succeed, and we’ll work with you and our new mutual friend to sponsor a charity. A little good goes a long way…you paid it forward, and now we’ll do the same!

Sound good? Drop us a line at or call us at 1-866-264-8870 –we’ll get the ball rolling.

You’ve got a friend in me

We love to get social with other technology leaders – that’s why we’re proud to sponsor the Michigan Council of Women in Technology’s (MCWT) ConnectNet Social, September 13 in Livonia, Mich. This great event helps IT leaders grow their skills and network, and offers a unique support system. Want to do the same? Join us! Learn more about the ConnectNet Social here: MCWT

Libraries make the world a better and more educated place – and now, they’re connecting the world in even more amazing ways, thanks to the efforts of the good people at OCLC. Forty-five years ago, the OCLC Online Union Catalog (now known as WorldCat) began operation, creating the world’s most comprehensive database of information about library collections…today, OCLC continues that mission through advanced technology to allow people to view library collections from anywhere in the world. Learn more about OCLC.