Cloud Management

Public or private, single provider or many, AMI’s Cloud Management suite helps you
reduce costs by 30%, provision 150x faster, strengthens your security posture
and provides the role-based governance required to roll self-service provisioning out to your teams
to eliminate Shadow IT.

Orchestrating Confidence in Enterprise Vendor Spend Since 1991

Secure Cloud Control

Cost accountability and governance for any cloud environment 

A Single Management Console for your Public & Private Cloud Environments

AMI’s Cloud Management solution delivers a single management console that allows you to consolidate public cloud access, apply fine-grained access control across your teams, streamline costs, simplify financial management, optimize operations, and strengthen your cloud security posture.

AMI Cloud Management Supports:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon AWS
  • Google GCP
  • VMware
  • Nutanix
  • Kubernetes
  • Private Cloud
  • Datacenter Management

What Can AMI Cloud Management Do For You?


Sometimes it feels like you're writing blank checks to your IT team and are forced to take their word for it - Not anymore! With AMI's Cloud Management, all costs are normalized across providers, allocated across teams and cost centers, measured against budgets, and optimized through rightsizing recommendations that analyze CPU, RAM, and Storage for sizing, power state, and reserved instances in public clouds.


Deploy 150x faster through role-based access controls and group designations with built-in guardrails so employees get what they want in real-time, even through ServiceNow, with predefined catalogs and security jurisdiction. AMI's built in access control governance allows you enable a single public account to be shared by everybody, simplifying life for SecOps and FinOps and eliminating the need for IT teams to learn multiple public cloud toolsets.

Information Security

Control Shadow IT with role-based access that lessents your external exposure and maintains your security posture. Determine by role access to Feature, Cloud, and Catalog, and disable entire UI and API sections based on access levels. Ensure teams are always using the right golden templates, embed security agents into provisioning catalog items, and set policies to restrict cloud access, including identity management integration to Active Directory, Azure AD, SAML, OKTA and more.

Proactive Cloud Cost Control

Enable FinOps teams with the tools, analytics and reports to lower hybrid cloud costs by 30% on average. 

With synchronization every 5 minutes, your inventory is always up to date, allowing you to make real-time decisions on where workloads should be provisioned. 

View projected cloud cost trends, budget performance, and allocated costs across cost centers all while putting guard rails around what catalog items can be purchased through granular self-service access controls.

Self-Service Provisioning

Speed up application deployment by 150x or more through role-based access controls and group designations with built-in guardrails so employees get what they want in real-time without sacrificing your security posture.  

Through AMI’s governance tools, you can define Lifecycle Policies (naming, provisioning approval, expiration, shutdown, removal, power schedules, etc), Usage Policies (max containers, cores, memory, storage, VM’s as well as budgets and resource quotas), Compliance Policies (tag enforcement, user creation, user groups, backups, delayed removal, message alerts, etc), and Workflow Policies that force the execution of workflows to apply custom policies for security, compliance, and more. 

Customized Self-Service Catalogs

Utilize more than 50 preloaded common applications or build your own catalog to run workflows for configuration management, embed security policies, and more through role-based access privileges designated at the user or group level.

True Private Cloud Creation

With AMI’s no-code interface, turn VMware, Nutanix, KVM and other hypervisors into multi-tenant ready private clouds while easily integrating CMDB, networks, IPAM, DNS, Load Balancers and more.


ServiceNow Apps

Extend AMI’s Cloud Management suite to your existing ServiceNow instance through our scoped, certified application fully loaded with CMDB, approvals, incident management, and catalog integration. 

Strengthened Security & Compliance

Control Shadow IT by enabling granular access controls for your team wrapped in predefined role-based catalogs and templates without sacrificing your security posture. Leverage Security Scan Jobs to create and schedule Security Content Automation Program (SCAP) scans for groups of managed systems. Import SCAP files, schedule scan jobs, and view the results including risk scores and severity to help prioritize remediation efforts.

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