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Complex Telecom Expenses in the Spotlight

Posted on JUNE 3, 2015

Are complex telecom expenses stealing the spotlight and taking center stage? Are you overspending on telecom and similar network services when you would rather be focusing on your core mission?

Telecom and related network services are taking up an increasing bite of company revenue. In fact, Forrester Research states that enterprises are spending 3–6% of gross revenues on telecom services in North America.

How Telecom Expenses Steal the Spotlight

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Manual handing of telecom invoices is a hassle and it’s expensive;
  • Human errors can account for a significant percentage of overbilling and similar mistakes;
  • Invoices that don’t match contracted agreements can slip right through the cracks, adding up to unexpected expenses;
  • When processes don’t match established audit rules, the resulting mess is time-consuming to find and fix;
  • You have a suspicion that competitors with similar volumes and service mixes might be getting a better deal on telecom price points but you can’t prove it without the data and metrics;
  • Contract negotiations with carriers haven’t always gone smoothly.

Adding a Telecom Expense Management Solution (TEM)

You can improve the entire procure-to-pay invoice lifecycle with a telecom expense management solution (TEM). A TEM solution streamlines and improves invoicing, billing and expense tracking for telecom services, (as well as energy and utilities) realizing significant cost savings. Your enterprise gains real-time, 360-degree visibility into your spend.

AMI Strategies works closely with enterprises to centralize and manage the entire invoice lifecycle, freeing up resources for other, more strategic tasks. TEM provides the expertise to comprehensively manage complex telecom environments now and moving into the future.

Focus the spotlight back where it belongs, on your strategic mission with a TEM solution.