Connecting Your Clients With A Trusted MDM, Mobility & TEM Solution

Connectivity Isn’t Enough.

In today’s environment – with more employees and students working remotely than ever before – enterprises are increasingly encountering challenges that test their mobility infrastructure and require more of their carrier relationships.

Enterprises are hamstrung by challenges like…

Maintaining Data & Device Security

App/OS Deployment and Updating

Managing Platform/Device Diversity

Managing Device Inventory

Curbing Excess Costs

…and they’re looking to their T-Mobile rep for help.

T-Mobile reps who have a comprehensive solution to these challenges – a trusted mobility partner in their back pocket – experience:

Sales Enablement & an Accelerated Sales Cycle

Increased T-Mobile Stickiness

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Decreased Post Sales Support

Be the Hero Your Clients Need With AMI’s mobilityNOW

Mobility Tools that Save The Day

mobilityNOW™ is an enterprise-wide, web-based product built on the ServiceNow platform, that provides your clients with the ability to manage their entire mobility environment and address the core mobility challenges they’re facing.

Workflow automation has been built into the product to increase efficiency and repeatability and to support an enterprise’s wireless policy. 

And the best part? With AMI’s mobilityNOW, you can offload this critical work to our team of trusted experts, so you can get back to the business of selling activations while still being the hero your client needs.

IN ACTION: AMI’s mobilityNOW MDM Solution Helped Land 1600 Devices…

The City of Phoenix developed a budget to provide 1600 connected tablets to residents of a housing project, but they had no way to stage, kit, deploy and manage the tablets. AMI and T-Mobile collaborated to develop a full end to end fulfillment solution – including MDM services – to enable the initiative to happen in an IT constrained environment.

Today, 1600 T-Mobile tablets have been:

  • Configured with software and custom app catalog
  • Loaded into the MDM
  • Charged and packaged with a case and keyboard

The devices are supported by the mobilityNOW™ Managed Help Desk that provides all ongoing device management needs.

“I would not have delivered the same quality of product if we had not partnered with T-Mobile and AMI. We’re providing tablets to people who may have never had Internet in the home before; they might not even have an email address. AMI and T-Mobile fully embraced my vision. They understood the importance of what we were trying to do for our residents, how this might impact their lives and why it needed to be as perfect as possible. I could not have done this without them.”

Mindy Davis
Connect Home Project Manager
City of Phoenix Housing

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