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Government Technology Expense Management: What to Consider for Municipalities and Other Agencies

Posted on MAY 15, 2018

Handling government technology expense management has become one tough task. Municipalities and other government agencies face significant challenges when managing one of their most critical and strategic assets: their technology estate.

Managing technology expenses, tracking voice and data network infrastructure, and purchasing mobile devices places a growing administrative challenge on these organizations.

Their teams are asked to do more with less – an often overwhelming request in the face of the ever-changing innovations of today’s technology needs and the complex network of invoices that support them.

Government agencies find it difficult to keep up with contracts, invoice management and other administrative tasks. It’s also a challenge to manually audit, identify and resolve vendor disputes, allocate costs and charge-back to individual agencies.

But AMI Strategies successfully teams with municipalities and other agencies to simplify and automate the government technology expense management process – read on to learn how.

Challenges with Technology Expense Management for Municipalities, Government Agencies

In general, the most pressing issues revolve around the need to centralize administration, deploy and utilize a software platform to manage and apply business process, and remove the burden now placed on administrative departments.

Other concerns include:

  • improved transparency through strategic reporting;
  • audited invoices for cost control;
  • verified inventory of technology assets;
  • streamlined contract administration as required for example by the General Services Administration (GSA);
  • centralized technology budgets, process, assets and usage based on government requirements;
  • optimized wireless plans.

A TEM Solution

A technology expense management solution offers the capability to centralize, and handle the management of invoice lifecycle, finance for allocation and charge-back, ordering, inventory, contracts, and business analytics. An outsourced TEM service makes business sense for municipalities, freeing up their resources for other critical tasks. TEM also provides the expertise to comprehensively manage complex technology environments now and in the future.

With AMI Strategies, our temNOW solution also provides full data transparency, ease of integration with HR and financial systems, and a cloud service platform to greatly improve government technology expense management, particularly for municipalities.

Business Benefits to Municipalities, Government Agencies

The agencies we team with appreciate full management of the invoice lifecycle. They understand the need for a unified approach to inventory, ordering, contract negotiations and management across technology, utility and more.

Looking to better understand the benefits of government technology expense management? Learn more by contacting the AMI Strategies team today.