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Orchestrating Confidence in Enterprise Vendor Spend Since 1991

Full Lifecycle Management

From procurement to invoice retrieval to chargebacks to payment, AMI streamlines every stage of your lifecycle

Your Source of Truth for Telecom Owners, Inventory & Spend

Smart decisions start with smart data. By combining contract, spend and usage data from your service providers with inventory and user information from your enterprise systems, the AMI platform draws out color, nuance and actionable insights from flat, unstructured data points. With smart data and enriched inventory from AMI, you can finally see full context of your telecommunications portfolio. 

With the full picture now in place you can:

  • Lower your telecommunications costs through benchmarking, consolidation, historical audits and ongoing analysis
  • Automate your financial operations around telco
  • Centralize your change management activities

What Can TEM Hyperautomation Do For You?


Reclaim capacity, ensure every dollar is accounted for, and never spend more than you're supposed to. Our technology streamlines the entire invoice lifecycle process including extraction, processing, audit, chargebacks, organizational reporting, approvals, and payments giving you peace of mind and time to focus on your core business.


Accurate inventory is the foundation for good decisions. Acting as your source of truth for all telco-related services, you can see all of your locations, groups, and telecom owners, what hardware and services are tied to them, and their associated usage and spend. With bidirectional integration into your instance of ServiceNow, MACD activity is tracked all the way to your future invoices for accuracy.


Gain negotiating power and ensure every contract is strictly adhered to. With AMI's extensive $24B global database, we benchmark your rates against organizations of similar size and negotiate the best rates with your service providers. Every invoice is then SmartAudited against your contract to ensure nothing slips between the cracks.


Automated Invoice Retrieval, Processing
& Inventory Updates

Industrial-grade automations that retrieve invoices with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), API, EDI, or BDF as soon as they are available from your telecom providers and process down to the lowest level of detail within minutes.

Using our proprietary SmartCMDB™ and SmartAudit™ technologies, we not only process the contents of the invoice, but identify any rates, charges, of inventory that are new or have fallen of the invoice, automatically flagging for review by our analysts to validate or dispute.

If the new inventory items are valid, they are linked back to your Vendor Contract Profile (including the original contract page number) for on-demand visibility. 

If they are to be disputed, AMI manages that interaction with your vendor until it’s resolved.

Automated Financial Operations

Allocate, Approve & Pay

Once processed and inventoried, all invoices are allocated against cost center and GL coding at the lowest granular level and integrated back to your ERP for approval. 

With an average allocation delivery time within 24 hours of invoice receipt, AMI delivers fully coded invoices back to our customers for approval and payment weeks before the invoice due date, allowing them to unlock early payment discounts and incentives. 

Fully-Integrated Inventories

Invoice Data Enriched With Enterprise Asset & GL Data

Invoiced usage and spend is enriched with asset, organizational and contractual details giving you a 360 degree view of what you have, where it is, who is responsible for it, and how much it costs.

Whether or not you use AMI for MACD with your vendors (and we recommend you do), with SmartCMDB™ we know when your inventory changes by just processing your invoice.

However, using AMI for change management (MACD) enhances this functionality, by tracking changes and flagging them for review on upcoming invoices to validate that they’re applied and invoiced correctly.


Audit, Optimize & Dispute

AMI’s SmartAudit™ system will measure your telecom invoices against their corresponding contracts to ensure you never pay more than you’re supposed to. Our proprietary SmartAudit™ technology takes a 360 degree approach to dissecting and reviewing your invoices, including:

  • Comparison Audits
  • Trending Audits
  • Usage Audits
  • Usage Trend Audits
  • Contractual Audits
  • Inventory Audits
  • Opportunity Audits
  • Custom Audit Rules

It can also provide what-if analysis, make optimization recommendations, and help you forecast future spend for budgeting. All carrier and service provider interactions, including disputes and optimizations, are logged and managed until they’re resolved by AMI’s team of analysts, allowing you to sit back, focus on your core business, and have the confidence that your vendor spend is exactly what is should be all of the time.

Historical Audits

When billing errors happen, they’re not always easy to catch. 

In addition to our standard SmartAudit™ services, AMI conducts a full invoice-deconstruction audit, including consideration of carrier-to-carrier infrastructure/handoff and taxation to identify institutional billing errors that, while invisible to the naked eye, can have dramatic cost-saving consequence. For any error we identify, AMI initiates and manages the dispute process to resolution, oftentimes recovering savings from errors going back multiple years.

ServiceNow Apps

Add value to your existing ServiceNow implementation with plug-and-play ServiceNow apps designed give your IT assets spend and usage dimension and manage all change activity that happens across your portfolio. 

As a ServiceNow Technology Partner, our scoped, certified applications get you up and running in days, not weeks or months.

Telecommunications Benchmarking, Sourcing & Procurement

Leverage AMI’s domain expertise, pricing intelligence, and contract negotiation experience to secure the very best rates from your providers. 

Utilizing our $24B telecommunications benchmarking database, we regularly deliver $300M in savings to customers every year through sourcing activities. 

From scoping, to collecting quotes, to negotiation, to contracting, AMI’s expert team supports you every step of the way. Once contracted, our Day 2 services project-manage the implementation and validate the accuracy of the corresponding invoices once the services have been implemented.

Timely Payments with Global Coverage

Through our Vendor Hyperautomation setup, invoices are collected, processed, and coded in a fraction of the time, allowing you to make payments faster, capture early payment discounts, and quickly identify anomalies eligible for short-pay. Coupled with our 90-day foreign currency locks that protect our customers from unexpected currency fluctuation, we provide an efficient, predicable process that allows you to focus on the important stuff.

Meticulous Provisioning

You’ve placed an order with your service provider, now what? AMI watches that order like a hawk, providing visibility into order status updates, watching key milestones, and cross-checking future invoices for accuracy. 

Why Customers Choose AMI for TEM

Labor shortages are making it harder to find and retain the right people to manage your program in-house. Join the legions of happy customers who have chosen AMI’s industrial-grade technology and domain expertise to give them the capacity and attention they want back to manage their core business

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Automated Invoice Collection

We use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and/or EDI to collect your invoices from your carriers and service providers to ensure every invoice is captured and processed immediately when it is available.

Invoice Processing at the Most Granular Level

Much deeper than any three-way matching review, we process invoices to the lowest granular level, capturing every aspect of usage and cost to ensure we can audit, analyze and optimize against your contracted rates.

SmartAudit™ & Dispute Management

Once processed, your invoices are audited programmatically against usage, inventory, contracts, trends, taxation, and carrier hand-off fees to find savings outside of standard rate changes. Nothing slips through the cracks.

Automated Chargebacks & Organizational Reporting

Invoice allocation can be a long, manual process. You may have even invented a few creative processes because your carriers can’t get the right services tied to the right locations. We completely automate the allocation process, including any “creative” accounting rules that need to be applied to your invoices. Once that is done, sharing reporting across your organization is a click away.

Invoice Consolidation, Approvals & Payments

We take the busywork out of consolidating your invoices and making payments. With the ability to adapt to multilanguage and international currencies, AMI is your one-stop shop for invoice processing, coding, auditing, dispute, approval and payment, giving your AP department room to breathe.

ERP Integration

AMI works with any ERP allowing you to integrate our already allocated and audited invoices into your existing invoice lifecycle process.

Contract Management

AMI keeps every detail about every contract stored alongside your charges and usage, with expiration reminders and audit rules configured to ensure every term is properly reflected in your spend.

Inventories That Show the Complete Picture

Invoices only tell a portion of the story. We tie spend and usage to equipment and business users, so you see the complete context of your services. Want to take it a step further? We can also perform fast and accurate physical audits to ensure you really see the complete picture.

Moves, Adds, Changes & Deletes

As change happens across your telecommunications portfolio, our ticketing works lock-step with updating your inventory and cross-checking against your invoices. With all aspects working in concert, you never have a blindspot.