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Full Lifecycle Expense Management

How often have you gone blurry-eyed from staring at a spreadsheet too long, trying to make sense of expense data? How many times have you felt overwhelmed by the high volume, poor quality and disorganization of vendor services, expense and technology invoices?

If you’re drowning in a sea of invoices and want better visibility to your data, AMI Strategies can help.

In fact, calming expense and invoice chaos is something we’ve been doing for the last 30 years. And with more than a billion dollars processed globally (that’s right, we said “billion”), our state-of-the-art expense management platform is designed to tackle it all.

Not All TEMs are Created Equal

While most TEM solutions look similar at a glance, take a peek under the hood and you’ll find there can be a world of difference between TEM providers.

What differentiates AMI’s temNOW™ solution from the rest of the market is its cutting-edge, technocentric approach to TEM. We’ve spent years refining our methodology and building out a platform that leverages the latest technology to dramatically improve TEM outcomes – delivering significant ROI and the ultimate user friendly experience. Check out just a few of the ways that AMI’s temNOW adds value to you and your company:

“Most TEM solutions on the market today are not proprietary. They are white-labeled products that are often fairly rigid in terms of capabilities and customization.”

Proprietary Code Base, Built from the Ground Up

AMI’s temNOW is a custom-built, proprietary platform. We didn’t acquire or cobble together other outside technologies to build our solution. We developed it in-house from the ground up. This is important to you because it not only allows you to leverage AMI’s 30 years of in-the-trenches TEM experience (making temNOW an incredibly effective product), but it also gives you opportunities to contribute to the direction of temNOW in the marketplace.

“We switched to AMI from another large TEM provider – one that used manual auditing rather than an automated process. In the first 3 months alone, AMI’s temNOW saved our company $300,000 in invoice and expense inaccuracies.”

Automated Auditing

Did you know that most TEM providers handle auditing and disputes manually?

We know that a manual auditing process often results in human error and money left on the table. That’s why AMI’s temNOW includes automated 360° auditing of expenses and invoices. Our cutting-edge technology seeks out discrepancies, errors and duplicates and makes them right – saving clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

“Most TEM providers only input some of the data with their templated based OCR because they have to manually map it. Our advanced InvoiceAI application uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to automatically broaden our data input scope –  making temNOW much more thorough than the competition.”

Data. Data. Data.

While other TEM providers rely solely on Optical Character Recognition (OCRs) to pull in data from invoices, contracts and statements, temNOW leverages both OCRs AND Artificial Intelligence to ingest, contextualize and normalize all client data. From here temNOW integrates all the various forms of expense and invoice data with contracts, orders, assets and people into one intuitive dashboard. This gives our clients a complete picture of their expense and mobility data, so they can make smarter, more informed decisions around initiatives such as: plan optimization; 5G strategy; baseline & benchmarking; automation strategy; IoT planning; network evaluations, R&D and innovation.

“As organizations go global – opening operations in different countries to meet the needs of their market – temNow is designed to grow and adapt with them, and meet their international needs.”

Domestic and Global Influence 

AMI’s hosting strategy allows temNOW to reside anywhere in the world and be scalable and flexible to grow with our client’s ever-changing environments. Currently, our global reach extends across 6 continents and 1700 carriers. The temNOW interface, with global bill pay, adapts itself to multi language and international currency capabilities – automatically converting international invoices into a English/USD format, so CFOs can look at their organization’s entire global footprint of technology spend in one place and understand what’s going on with the whole enterprise. And with automated notifications, accounts payable can stay on top of currency changes to avoid liabilities and incomplete payments.   

“AMI’s temNow easily integrated with our existing partners- streamlining our process and helping us create a single source of truth for our expense data.

Greater Flexibility

AMI Strategies can tailor our solution for you as we offer our software three ways; Software as a Solution (SaaS), a Platform as a Solution (PaaS) or Management as a Solution (MaaS).  This approach provides clients with automatic updates, white label capabilities, multi-level managed services to supplement your team, and a solution that supports all invoice commodities that can be implemented in a variety of ways.

Our ROI Guarantee:

With over 30 years of experience in expense management, AMI guarantees that our managed TEM service will be self-funding.  We guarantee that our solutions save money every time. 

Ready to Learn More?

We’re eager to share more about our award-winning temNOW solution:

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