top image of two people working on invoices with dual screens and laptop AMI Strategies offers AI-powered software

AMI Solutions In Action


As a MiDEAL vendor, AMI’s temNOW, saved a Michigan public utility company as much as 30% on its technology spend. 

MDM Support

AMI’s mobilityNOW MDM helped a major national carrier land 1600 devices with a top U.S. city department.

AMI and DTE temNOW SmartAudit Case Study

TEM Migration & Cost Savings

temNOW™ SMART auditing capabilities can reveal hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings in the first quarter of service alone.

three business co-workers on their cell phones reviewing efficient carrier migration AMI Strategies offers AI-powered software

Efficient Carrier Migration

Mobility technology that enables the migration of thousands of employees to a new carrier in a matter of weeks not months.

customer looking at reduced telecom expenses as he reviews project software on three devices AMI Strategies offers AI-powered software

Reduced Telecom Expenses

Mobility management that helps organizations experience significant savings (up to $1M) in telecom expenses.

image showing global expense visibility with a laptop, headset, cell phone, and graphs on the wall AMI Strategies offers AI-powered software

Global Expense Visibility

AI-powered invoicing that standardizes global invoices and enables transparent, accurate expense management.

Recouped Costs

TEM technology that reviews billing exceptions to save healthcare organizations more than $5 million over 3 years.

five help desk employees working at office building with big windows AMI Strategies offers AI-powered software

Outsourced Service Desk

Outsourced mobility service desk that delivers low wait times and 93% user satisfaction ratings.