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Go big or go home

Posted on MARCH 14, 2017

How “all in” technology estate and indirect cost management saves both time

(yes, we are all getting older) and dollars (yes, it is time to bring in the cash)

When we hear the term “all in,” many people — even non-gamblers — likely envision flashing lights and poker tables at the casino.

In the game of poker, it refers to a player putting all of his or her chips on the table in a single hand and praying for the best: the player will either win everything…or lose it all.

While “all in” is often equated with gambling, in the business world, it can also mean that a person is fully committed and excited; today, it is often used as a catch phrase for business jargon, marketing platforms and other topics. (And for a fun bit of trivia, check out this article from The New Yorker that highlights how the phrase “all in” has transformed over time.)

Take the managing of your entire technology estate or even further your entire “indirect spend”…  There is no argument that AMI is “all in” — completely, excitedly committed. (I know…shocking that we would find that kind of connection, right?)

Globally operating companies have come to realize that the “all in” mentality is the best solution for their invoicing system, keeping all inbound bills and outgoing payments in one streamlined solution. Budgets and payments are easily correlated to specific company locations, departments and even individual employees, helping eliminate delayed payments and financial waste.

So, what does “all in” look like for these companies?

AMI Strategies’ temNOW™ system breaks down the “all in” invoice lifecycle into simpler terms; to better understand this, check out the chart below:

tem chart

Go “all in” with AMI Strategies — contact us today. Ready to see improved business processes and greater savings for your organization?