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Human Centered Design

Posted on FEBRUARY 21, 2018

AMI Strategies has an addiction.  No, it is not LSD, but it is HCD; Human Centered Design.

AMI Awesomes (that’s our people) apply a creative mindset to the HCD approach with the deployment of ideas and projects daily. When our AMI Awesomes visited Green Path  and  FordLabs recently to experience HCD via a team building field trip, we witnessed the creative approach to helping others with financial wellness.  AMI followed their footsteps and have since applied HCD throughout its organization. AMI Strategies is a (TEM) technology expense management firm dedicated to putting dollars back in our clients’ pockets and displaying strategic processes real-time, 365 days a year. AMI’s proprietary system, temNOW™, automates the invoicing process and compares invoice data against carrier contracts, resulting in huge cost savings for our clients.

AMI Strategies had their 2018 all- team meeting centered around Human Centered Design. The AMI teams have implemented HCD to their jobs, themselves, and their clients. One of AMI’s large clients, a nation-wide, non-profit organization, was manually entering cost allocation data that was extremely time consuming and taking away from other opportunities. The AMI team developed a strategic tool to assess the gaps and upload new allocation codes in bulk, ultimately saving time. This is a process that normally takes hours and now takes a matter of minutes. AMI’s development team had to think of a fast, creative approach, to suit the non-profit organization’s needs.

AMI’s ROI team developed a creative approach by casting superheroes inspired by the AMI Management team. The new Savings League was formed to take on vendor errors. The Savings League are protectors of client investments in technology and the first line of defense against any invoice error predators. Recently, the Savings League team found over $608,000 in total savings for a Fortune 1000 client, and over $900,000 from a vendor that had incorrect contract rates.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the concept of software that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals and provides a consistent and repeatable set of results. Facial recognition and self-driving vehicles are among many AI developments that are outperforming humans.  AMI’s CTO, Dean Keeler, has been evaluating AI in the areas of invoice translators, auditing, and corporate policy to improve efficiency, productivity and drive more savings.  AMI is currently working through a proof of concept to apply AI to invoice translators.  AMI believes that AI will provide greater normalization across a broader set of vendor invoices resulting in fewer invoice translators needed to be supported and maintained.

Human Centered Design is at the forefront of AMI’s expansive funami (yes, our name for tsunami) growth.  When there’s a need, the AMI team generates creative solutions. To learn more about how the AMI team utilizes HCD and incorporates problem- solving solutions by design, visit our website here.  How does your corporation implement HCD in their everyday routine?  What sets you apart from the rest? Need some inspiration? We’re happy to lend you a hand.