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“I’ll have the lobster, please”

Posted on JANUARY 8, 2018

How good are you at double checking? Windows shut, door locked, wallet, keys?
You go out to dinner, maybe order a drink and appetizer and then your main course. At the end, you are content, full, and happy.

The bill comes, and you check it, right? Well, some do, and some don’t. Did you just look at the bill amount, put down your credit card, add tip when it’s returned, and then leave?
What happens if you got charged for something extra and just didn’t notice it? Or got double charged by mistake? (Especially if you’re dining with a large party). Let’s apply that same concept on a larger scale: technology invoicing.

For example, your company’s AT&T bill arrives, per usual. Maybe it’s just another Wednesday at the office, but either way it’s hump day and you can taste Friday. The bill is a large number, similar to the previous month’s bill—the amount is close enough to last month’s, so it’s good enough to get paid. It’s common for companies to have significant expense associated with technology, especially when referring to corporate phone plans, mobile device plans, WAN bills, conferencing, IoT and more. Companies spend tens of millions of dollars annually erroneously.

The reality is most organizations will be overcharged for the services provided because of the complexity of the technology on the bills, contracts, tracking and usage. AMI Strategies technology expense management solution, coupled with our cloud platform, temNOW™, provides visibility into the technology spend by analyzing contracts, auditing invoices, and converting languages and currencies into an easy to understand format.

By teaming with AMI Strategies, we will reduce technology charges by 10-35 percent, freeing up capital for other business-critical activities.

No one likes a dirty invoice. Let us clean up the mess.