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IoT… Bringing Automotive Back to the Future

Posted on JULY 13, 2018

AMI Strategies, based in the auto capital of the world, is right in the middle of the IoT boom in the automotive industry. With the new wave of IoT, it presents the next generation of connected cars built on high performing and fully scalable platforms. If you let your mind dream, the practical today and future applications are endless.

Roughly 95% of Americans own a motor vehicle and 85% of owners use one to and from work. With the rampant changes in technology and automobiles, the efficiency of motor vehicles is improving at unpredictable rates. Global distributed cloud data centers are needed to secure two-way vehicle communication, scaling tens of millions of vehicles across the globe which can be a daunting thought, but it’s here today– IoT is here to stay.


Due to the huge volume of wireless devices that IoT brings to the market, TEM industries play a big role in managing cost, inventory, and procurement. AMI Strategies invoice and device management allows any device, like Verizon’s “Hum” (which collects and analyzes data sets from motor vehicles) to be imported, audited, allocated, assigned, and approved, with visibility and accuracy. The Hum detects data from fuel to economy to battery charge levels, with the convenience of transmitting analytics to your smart device. There’s a built in GPS detector so if theft or an emergency were to occur, you’d be covered. Hum, or similar devices, detect data in real time and transmit it wirelessly.

AMI Strategies efficiently analyzes the processes with technological advancements by gathering different data variables results in many detailed invoices- AMI Strategies’ proprietary system, temNOW™, manages any given invoice throughout the entire life cycle. The key to temNOW’s value is the relational database that correlates invoices, contracts, general ledger codes, purchase orders and inventory.  

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