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Full Lifecycle Mobility & IoT Management

Mobility managers are in charge of everything from ordering new devices to managing carrier plans to defining security and mobility compliance policies for the enterprise. As companies grow and the mobile device environment fluctuates, it’s easy for mobility departments to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of variables they have to manage.

To help you with this, AMI Strategies has developed mobilityNOW™, a proprietary software that helps enterprises, big or small, manage their environments both domestically and internationally.  The mobilityNOW leverages the latest technology to dramatically streamline mobility management – delivering increased capacity, significant ROI and improved employee experiences. 

Check out just a few of the ways that AMI’s mobilityNow leads with technology:

Most mobility solutions run on top of a ticketing system and swivel chair between managing the ticket and placing the order with the carrier.” 

Proprietary Platform

AMI’s mobilityNOW is a  custom built solution that layers on top of the ServiceNow platform and utilizes workflow processes and escalation processes to automate the procurement and fulfillment of your wireless environment.   It is fully integrated with temNOW to provide an easy to use interface that defaults much of the information to you; making placing an order easy and intuitive.  Because we own the solution, our clients – you have the ability to influence direction and contribute to its suite of offerings.

AMI leveraged its carrier APIs to migrate our staff of 5,000 mobile devices over to a new carrier in just six weeks! Without AMI, this process would have taken months and the outcome riddled with errors.” 

APIs for Efficient Fulfillment

Unlike many other mobility management providers, AMI’s mobilityNOW removes the “swivel chair” effect when ordering any new or used device, requesting plan changes, adding/removing features or upgrading devices. The API’s allow direct access to the carrier’s fulfillment system and provide direct feedback to the end user throughout the fulfillment process. AMI continues to build out API’s as they come available from the carriers. 

“Too often, organizations are then left to absorb significant liabilities and cost because of the lack of structure around mobile device value recovery.”

Security Soup to Nuts

AMI has deep security expertise that can help our clients create and manage security policies and processes from device provisioning to MDM to end of life. For example, our approach includes a secure process to scrub data from old devices so you can feel safe when it comes time to decommission them. Additionally, if a client experiences a security breach, AMI’s help desk can utilize our MDM software to prevent and mitigate risk. 

“We’ve found that a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work for many of our customers. Our flexibility is one of the things that differentiates our technology from the pack.”

Fully Flexible Offering

One of the most innovative aspects of the mobilityNOW platform is how flexible the offering is. For example, companies that already have some mobility components in place can purchase specific mobilityNow capabilities to shore up their gaps. Similarly, companies that have a mobility team in place and don’t need a full service approach, can buy the mobilityNOW platform without the extended services available in the full lifecycle product. And for companies that need a full lifecycle solution, complete white glove service, then mobilityNOW can offer that as well.  No matter what your mobility needs, mobilityNOW has a solution for you.

“OurServiceNow scoped application tracks HR feeds, have API’s enabled into the carriers so that you and your company can eliminate the swivel chair for your internal help desk. And, our ticketing system allows for work flows and automation to calm the storm.”

ServiceNow Partners with Deep, In-House Expertise

AMI’s mobilityNOW platform is built on ServiceNow. With over 12 years of experience with Fortune 100 companies to small-to-medium-sized businesses, AMI’s in-House team is skilled at integrations and mapping to our clients existing environments.  We can fully integrate with your instance of ServiceNow or it can be purchased through our MSP program. This gives us the unique ability to combine information from across your mobility environment and present it in a single pane of glass – lending better understanding and greater insights into your mobility and IOT data. 

Ready to Learn More?

We’re eager to share more about our mobilityNOW solution:

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