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MobilityNOW™ Plus

mobilityNOW™ Plus


mobilityNOW™ Plus goes beyond the procurement, fulfillment and break/fix help desk capabilities of the mobilityNOW SaaS or mobilityNOW PaaS offerings and allows you to add on packages to give you full control and visibility of your entire wireless environment.

The add-on packages within mobilityNOW Plus extend the offering to include wireless invoice life cycle management, dispute life cycle management, wireless plan optimization, wireless data bandwidth management, wireless device staging, kitting and packaging and finally device end-of-life management.

Add On Packages

Wireless Invoice Life Cycle Management

This package gives you the ability to manage the expense side of your wireless environment.  You can manage the life cycle of your wireless invoices from allocation to payment, integrate the payment information into your accounts payables system, have insight to top wireless users, zero usage devices, overage charges, plan charges, etc.

Wireless Dispute Life Cycle Management

This package gives you the ability to manage disputes that occur when billing your wireless environment and track real dollars coming back to you in the form of credits and reduction of monthly costs.  You can manage the dispute life cycle from investigation to negotiation to follow up and track potential savings and actual savings every month using the vendor dispute report.

Wireless Plan Management

This package ensures your wireless environment is continually optimized to ensure you are not overutilized resulting in paying more than needed and not underutilized causing potential overages.  We call this right-sizing your wireless environment and this can result in an overall monthly savings of thousands of dollars.

Wireless Data Bandwidth Management

This package is concentrated on data bandwidth management on each individual device and allows you to manage usage at the application level of the device by setting usage thresholds, restricting use of applications, tracking application use and ultimately driving down wireless usage costs.

Staging, Kitting and Packaging

Pre-configuring the corporate wireless profile, security protocols, device lock-down settings, MDM setup, browser configurations, email configurations, corporate applications and finally testing prior to shipping the device to the end user.  Packaging can be white label if needed to keep consistent with your company’s brand.

End of Life Management – Company Branded

mobilityNOW™ provides a secure end of life support for recovery, recycling and resale while mitigating corporate data risk. (Optional)

Value Add

These add-on packages allow you to customize an enterprise solution that is right for your company and if you go “all in” you will have control and visibility from the wireless help desk activities through wireless billing and expense.

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