business executive talking on mobile phone in atrium area of office AMI Strategies offers AI-powered software


Mobility & IoT Management Product Suite

AMI recognizes that every enterprise is in a different place when it comes to mobility and IOT management. We understand that many companies might already have some pieces of their mobility management process in place. They might need specific help to boost their already established mobility and IoT management environment.

With that in mind we have designed our mobilityNOW product suite to fit your environment. From the feature set you require to how you want the solution delivered we have the solution:


AMI’s portal makes it easy to order any new device, request plan changes, add/remove features or upgrade. Our portal connects through API’s to the carriers making the process smooth and extremely intuitive.


You’ve procured a device – now what? AMI helps ensure that devices are configured with the appropriate approved applications, the end user activation procedures are given, accessory kitting is handled and MDM Service is implemented using governance desired.

Help Desk

Need some help along the way? AMI’s 24X7, U.S.-based Help Desk has an automated portal that enables a  “self help” option, or can be deployed as full “white glove support” with dedicated help desk agents.

Policy Compliance

Managing mobile devices requires policy and governance to maintain a secure environment.  Our mobilityNOW process compares your policies, orders and invoices.  During the ordering process, the system will prevent individuals from ordering non-authorized devices.            


Security is the main focus of our mobile device management strategy.  Not only do we add MDM in the procurement process, but it’s also a critical component when decommissioning devices. If our client experiences a security breach, AMI’s helpdesk can utilize our MDM software to prevent and mitigate risk. 

Inventory Management

We hate to name call, but our solution is a bit of a know-it-all. And that’s a good thing, since understanding your assets, IoT and device counts and types is a critical component of strategic decision-making. It also enables easy mechanics for “what-if” analyses.

Invoice Management

Through our portal we manage your enterprise mobile footprint via order and invoice lifecycle management. The invoices lifecycle includes  1) Importing Invoices, inventory, contracts, and HR Feeds, 2) auditing invoice against carrier contracts, 3) allocating to cost centers and approving to pay, 4) disputing with carriers to resolution, and 5) bill pay(optional) to insure accuracy and no late fees.

Data Usage & Plan Optimization

Optimizing plans requires careful scrutiny. AMI’s Data Usage Optimization service allows customers to drive down data consumption and costs by providing website filtering and throttling in real time. Additionally, our portal scientifically analyzes and reports plan optimization opportunities monthly for maximum savings and improved forecasting.

End of Life Management & Rebates

Not every enterprise mobile device ecosystem is the same. AMI structures a custom device end-of-life solution based on your needs – providing a recovery process that delivers buy backs and a secure process to swipe the data so you can feel safe decommissioning your devices.