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Pay my bills, bills, bills

Posted on MAY 30, 2018

Taming your telecom invoices can be a daunting task, especially if you aren’t utilizing a TEM provider. AMI Strategies’ cloud-based tool, temNOW™, helps organizations manage their technology enterprise; from the import of the invoice, running an audit, to allocation and approval. While some organizations like to have total control over their enterprise’s cash flow, it’s not always the best practice. Having your TEM provider pay your invoices significantly decreases room for error. Below are 5 reasons why your TEM provider should settle your invoices:

1.) Say Good-bye to late fees

No one likes getting dinged with a late fee, no matter how big or small, it adds up. With prior knowledge of your telecom environment, your TEM provider has the expertise to make sure all invoices are accurate and paid in full, assuring unnecessary late fees are drastically reduced.

2.) Can you hear me now?

Service interruptions can be disastrous for an organization- having interrupted service, like a phone system outage, causes issues for the organization and its clients. To assure that these types of interruptions are prevented, organizations put their trust in their TEM provider, so all payments are processed on-time, regardless of internal or external factors.

3.) Who needs paper?

We are living in a digital age- having the power to pay invoices online. By having your TEM provider send electronic payments directly from the bank, it eliminates the hassle of written checks and outdated transfer methods. This significantly reduces the chance of any misapplied payments and creates cost-savings for your enterprise.

4.) What’s the exchange rate again?

Having your TEM provider translate invoices to other currencies is a key component to successful bill payment- complex billing info in various currencies can be challenging. Utilizing a TEM provider can reduce foreign exchange risks in your enterprise, while making payment faster and easier.

5.) We have the evidence

It can be incredibly frustrating when your provider says you didn’t pay a bill, but you know you did. Our TEM stores all payments and check numbers in the system, assuring that payment history is always logged and up to date.

TEM management provides clear and precise cost-savings services that benefit your enterprise. By having a TEM vendor process and manage invoices, it consolidates and optimizes your telecom environment to generate additional cost-savings. For more information click here.