Consulting, Development & Deployment

For over a decade, AMI has been helping enterprises source, design, configure, and deploy
scalable ServiceNow foundations across their organizations.

The Right Partner
at the Right Time

Whether you are short-handed or just looking to enhance your bench with a team that’s done it before, AMI can temporarily or permanently be your source of ServiceNow domain expertise.

AMI can help:

  • Source ServiceNow licenses
  • Provide best practices and design the right solution
  • Jump in to in-flight or stalled projects
  • Add developers to your existing bench
  • Project manage your roadmap
  • Develop, configure, and deploy
  • Provide ongoing maintenance

How Can AMI's ServiceNow Expertise Help You?


Go beyond the General Ledger and view your IT investments in the context that they're actually managed. From incidents handled to project hours spent to ITAM paired with Service Provider spend, make sure your team can view financial data alongside service usage data so they can make more informed decisions.


ServiceNow can only improve your IT productivity if your deployment is designed, configured and deployed appropriately. AMI's team of experts have been deploying instances for over 14 years and can guide you to your golden record through our extensive experience and best practices.

Human Resources

Good ServiceNow developers are hard to find, and expensive to retain. Save yourself the frustration of keeping good dev's on-staff, and leverage AMI's scalable bench of developers and project managers. With our bench of experts, you can deploy any ServiceNow project with confidence.

Get the Most Out of your ServiceNow Investment

By enabling more than just ticketing, AMI’s bench of ServiceNow experts will guide you to the golden record you expected when you began your ServiceNow journey.

Add Consumption, Costs & Contract Administration to your
IT Asset Management (ITAM) Program

Add dimension to your ITAM program by including usage, spend, and contractual terms to your hardware and software assets. 

Through our scoped, certified apps and Vender Expense Management™ services, we enrich your inventory with all your spend and consumption details. 

And to make sure you only pay for what you’re supposed to, AMI’s SmartAudit services will audit every invoice against your contract and manage all dispute activities with your service or equipment providers.

Never Pay More
than you're Supposed To

It’s hard to figure out if you are paying too much for your ServiceNow licenses and management fees. Let us be your second eyes. We have saved customers more than 40% off their ServiceNow licensing and management costs, and know just how to right-size your deployment.

Automate your ServiceNow
Project Management Assessments

Using ServiceNow’s project management module improperly can turn into a manual mess. Let our team automate how you assess your stakeholders to determine business value, costs, and ROI in a completely automated medium so you can execute with confidence faster.

Mergers & Acquisitions are our Specialty

M&A often times means consolidating instances or migrating entire companies over to from other platforms. With deep experience with Fortune 1000 M&A projects, let us quarterback your migrations and save you time, money and frustration so you can focus on your core business.

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AMI's Historical Telecom Audit

Through this contingency-based analysis, AMI can assist you in reducing your IT budget or unlocking new funds to pursue other projects through a complete MRI of your largest telecom service providers.
What We'll Need:
  • Three months of your PDF invoices from the largest carriers in your environment (domestic and/or global)
What to Expect:
  • Pre Analysis: A quick call to learn a few things about your current environment and coordinate securely sharing your invoice data with us.
  • Post Analysis: A call once the analysis is complete to review our findings.
What We Typically Review: