man looking at large white board with lots of charts and workflow solutions AMI Strategies offers AI-powered software


Manually managing global invoices and mobility assets hurts your business.

There. We said it.

Manually entering invoice payment and mobility data:

Unnecessarily drives up personnel costs

Is prone to human error & inaccuracies

Results in overcharges and hidden costs

Luckily, there’s a trusted alternative.

AMI Strategies offers a full suite of AI-powered software and professional services designed to help companies intelligently manage their global expense, mobility and technology investments across multiple locations. For the last 30 years, our solutions have helped organizations understand the full story their data has to tell, empowering them to make more accurate, analytics-backed decisions across their enterprise.

Check our suite of products below. Drill down into each page to find out more and then, schedule a demo of our solutions to see first hand the difference our automated suite of tools can bring to your organization.

Expense & Order

Experience the peace of mind that comes when you know you’re free from the monthly drudgery of global expense and order management. AMI’s enterprise expense management system, temNOW™, streamlines the expense and order management process, allowing global organizations to easily import, review and audit every invoice for actionable insights, clear cost savings and up to 4x ROI.

Mobility and IoT

If you’re tired of wondering who has what device, or how your plan stacks up against wireless competitors, we’ve got a solution. AMI’s mobility and IoT management software, mobilityNOW™, helps companies seamlessly manage their global device environment. Built on the ServiceNow platform, using APIs and automation, customers can administer everything from a single interface.

AI-Powered Invoice
Uploading Engine

Imagine how much more efficient you’d be if had all your invoice data at your fingertips – in one consistent file format that’s easy to read and fully query-able. AMI Strategies’ cutting edge Invoice(AI)™ solution does just that – converting raw invoice data into single-source, “smart”, query-able intelligence that you can use to make more-informed decisions about spending, cash flow, and budgets.