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invoice(AI)™ Product Details


invoice(AI)™ provides an efficient and effective document upload process. The result is error-free data for auditing and reporting.

This application combines AI (artificial intelligence) and OCR (optical character recognition) to read and interpret data from within a PDF document.  The easy-to-use “smart” interface gives non-technical users the ability to teach the system.

Using ATLs (Active Learning Templates), the system analyzes the data to identify all words within the document, apply context to the words and finally identify relationships between the words and phrases. It then generates a structured XML file that can be ingested in downstream systems for additional processing and analysis.

Key Features

  • Use Case: Invoice Upload Engine – Automated upload of invoices so you can eliminate manual data entry and improve invoice/expense accuracy
  • Streamlined process for uploading myriad of types/formats of invoices
  • Query-able invoice data
  • Automated checks for invoice accuracy
  • XML output file for integration within downstream systems
  • Compatible with all ERPs (Oracle, SAP, etc)
  • Compatible with Analytic Engines/Tools (examples here)
  • Compatible with tem providers
  • Speed: Averages 2 seconds per page
  • Capacity: Unlimited number of invoices, unlimited categories of invoices.
  • Access to existing Active Learning Template library


Complete invoice(AI) Implementation Process90 Days
AMI Gathers Invoice Environment from Client
AMI builds “Active Learning Templates” if necessary
AMI provides “Test” XML to Client
AMI Integrates XML into clients desired system if required
AMI monitors and teaches invoice(AI)

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