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MobilityNOW™ PaaS

MobilityNOW™ PaaS Product Details


mobilityNOW™ Platform as a Solution is a private labeled implementation of the product to brand your organization. It is an enterprise-wide, web-based product built on the ServiceNow platform, that provides you with the ability to manage the procurement, fulfillment and break/fix requests for wireless devices. The product is designed to be a self-service portal to allow the end user to initiate the request or can be directed to your corporate wireless help desk. Workflow automation has been built into the product to increase efficiency and repeatability and to support the enterprise wireless policy.  And when it comes time to take the device out of service, the product will help you manage the end of life process (recovery, recycling, resale, data security) to ensure you are receiving the highest resale value and mitigating data risk.

Technical Brief

The mobilityNOW™ platform can be private labeled and can support a multi-tenant environment.

mobilityNOW™ is built on the ServiceNow platform to leverage the workflow automation and escalation built within the platform.  The product can be installed directly onto your instance of ServiceNow (if you have ServiceNow) OR it can be installed onto a customer partitioned instance of ServiceNow dedicated to your enterprise.

mobilityNOW™ provides customization by creating a client profile to define the approval method for the requests, the wireless request catalog (order, update, reassign, etc.), list of carriers, list of device types, etc.

mobilityNOW™ provides a common user interface that is carrier agnostic and can support automated fulfillment (carrier APIs) and manual fulfillment (vendor portals).

mobiltiyNOW™ eliminates the “swivel chair” effect and automates the procurement and fulfillment process by integrating with carrier APIs where available.

mobilityNOW™ supports a full wireless request catalog to support ordering new devices, upgrading existing devices, change rate plans, porting a device, suspend/resume of a device, deactivating a device, reassigning a device, lost/stolen device, add/remove hotspot, add/remove international plan, and add/remove features. 

mobilityNOW™ provides an “smart” intuitive interface that knows who you are, what devices are associated with you, what plans you have, when you’re eligible for an upgrade, etc.

mobilityNOW™ provides a secure end of life support for recovery, recycling and resale while mitigating corporate data risk. (Optional)

Key Features

  • Private label (company url, company email, company logo)
  • Multi-tenant capability
  • Automated Procurement and Fulfillment via carrier API
  • Request can be initiated by end user or the corporate help desk
  • Wireless Policy Compliance
  • Wireless inventory management provides the ability to track everything mobile, including cell phones, IOT devices, tablets, etc.
  • Feature rich wireless request catalog
  • Smart, Intuitive Interface that knows who you are and what is assigned to you
  • Developed on ServiceNow and is fully integrated with carrier APIs
  • Secure end of life management (recovery, recycling, resale) – optional


Total Implementation Timeframe: 30-90 Days

Implementation is a 30-60 day process in which AMI will work closely with your wireless help desk team to identify/understand your wireless policy (carriers, plans, managing VIP requests, available device types, etc.), obtain LOAs, setup API integration with carriers (if applicable), identify HR data feed requirements, setup carrier device data feeds and define the client profile.

Phase 1Kickoff and Preparation Establish timelines and responsibilities
Phase 2Wireless Playbook Creation/Documentation
Phase 3Data GatheringLOAs, vendor portal access, HR data feed, carrier device data feed
Phase 4Carrier API integrationIf applicable
Phase 5Load and setup data in mobilityNOW™Client profile, employees, wireless device inventory, service plans and features, etc.
Phase 6(2) 4 hour training sessions
Phase 7Go LiveMove into production

Value Add

Multi-tenant, Carrier agnostic, self-service, consistent repeatable processing, automated approach to mobility order management to meet the client’s ever-changing needs, integrate-able with the client’s ServiceNow instance, reduce touch point for wireless help desk agents, private label capabilities, secure end of life management (recovery, recycling, resale).

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