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Stressed-Out CIO’s Guide to Technology Inventory Management

Posted on August 16, 2017

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Mobility devices. Internet circuits. Wide Area Network circuit IDs. Laptops. Desktops. Copiers. Licenses.

All are crucial for doing business in this connected age. But staying on top of inventory – especially across multiple locations – can become a CIO’s worst nightmare.

How do you keep tabs on the items that keep you connected, as well as the costs associated with each, to make sure what you’re paying for is what your organization is actually using?

Most companies have three types of telecom services to keep track of: wireline, data, and wireless, which usually encompass the technology needed for day-­to-­day communications for every organization.

But we know you’re probably at the end of your wire, so let’s focus on what are likely the two biggest stressors for you: wireline and wireless.

Wireline management best practices

Wireless may be hot, but if your organization has a physical location, there’s no two ways around it: you’re going to have wireline inventory to track and pay for.

For many organizations, it’s not typical to have one central, coordinated place to manage and maintain all of your wireline assets (and the expenses that go with them) – instead, there are likely spreadsheets and even manual tracking documents floating all over every department.

So what are some of the best ways to make sure you know where all of your wireline inventory is, and how much it costs? Here are our best tips:

  • Identify and track all assets at the line or circuit level.
  • Identify location(s) at the circuit level.
  • Monitor individual line or circuit contract status.
  • Determine workflow to keep the inventory current.
  • Keep an accurate record of service and contract dates.
  • Determine the relational database and workflow system such as AMI Strategies’ temNOW™ systems to house the information as your “source of truth.”

Once you’ve taken these steps – and tracked the results in a single, easily accessible repository – like most CIOs, you’ll find it much easier to keep track of where wireline assets are going.

Wireless management best practices

Ah, wireless devices and licenses…they’re meant to free up employees, but they often end up shackling the CIO to his or her desk in a struggle to keep track of it all.

This type of inventory can be especially tricky to maintain; many departments often “go rogue” in managing these elements as team members come and go within the organization.

As a result, devices are often commissioned and decommissioned – and technology licenses purchased and deployed – faster than an organization can track them.

What’s a CIO to do? We’ve seen the following strategies work well, especially for large­scale organizations:

  • Identify, document, and track each user of each device.
  • Coordinate with human resources to reflect employment status changes in a timely manner.
  • Accurately document and track device status and purpose (who has it and why?).
  • Monitor procurement activity to anticipate changes (what’s being bought, for whom and why?).

Once you carry out these steps on a regular, timely basis, it’s suddenly much easier to get a handle on wireless devices and licenses, and to get an accurate picture of exactly how much every invoice should charge for each month.

Breathing a little easier yet?

At AMI Strategies, our goal is to make your life easier, and your budget more reasonable. By following these simple steps to managing your wireline and wireless inventory, we can reduce an organization’s costs significantly – often by thousands or even millions of dollars over the course of a year.

Partnering with an expert in these systems makes the process that much smoother, and the timeline for reaping the financial benefits that much quicker. Over the last two decades, through the Inventory Manager in our cloud­based, user-­friendly temNOW™ solution, AMI Strategies has been making life easier for CIOs and keeping budgets lean and mean, without cutting the cord on a growing organization’s wireline and wireless needs.

Contact us today and find out how we can create a custom plan that will take the stress out of your technology inventory management.

Download this Guide as a pdf