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TEM Beyond Telecom

TEM isn’t just for telecom expenses anymore. The wave of digital transformation that’s changing businesses in almost every sector, is changing TEM as well. With more companies adopting a digital-first strategy, more expenses and invoices fall outside the traditional telecom bucket.

That’s why AMI’s temNOW software is a TECHNOLOGY EXPENSE MANAGEMENT platform. While our foundations are in telecom, we’ve scaled our platform to address the new technology invoice needs of today. And we’ve leveraged cutting-edge AI and automation to deliver cost savings, ROI and dramatic efficiencies across the following industries:





Not All TEMs are Created Equal

While most TEM solutions look similar at a glance, take a peek under the hood and you’ll find there can be a world of difference between TEM providers.

What differentiates AMI’s temNOW™ solution from the rest of the market is its AI-powered, technocentric approach. We’ve spent years refining our methodology and building out a platform that leverages the latest technology to dramatically improve TEM outcomes – delivering significant ROI and the ultimate user-friendly experience. Check out just a few of the ways that AMI’s temNOW is different:

screen image of AMI temnow dashboard AMI Strategies offers AI-powered software

The invoice(AI)™ tool in temNOW makes it possible for the platform to automatically upload any invoice in any format and convert it into “smart”, query-able intelligence using a proprietary combination of:

  • AI-Powered Algorithms
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology
  • Data normalization rules

From here temNOW integrates all the various forms of expense and invoice data with contracts, orders, assets, and people into one intuitive dashboard. This gives our clients a complete picture of their expense and mobility data, so they can make smarter, more informed decisions around initiatives such as: plan optimization; 5G strategy; baseline & benchmarking; automation strategy; IoT planning; network evaluations, R&D and innovation.

And while clients experience clean, perfectly organized data, under the hood the system is constantly churning – getting smarter with every invoice that’s input so it can recognize characters, words, paragraphs, tables, normalize data and correlate data relationships with the highest degree of confidence.

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Smart Audit

As part of temNOW, the SmartAudit feature automatically audits all invoices and contracts to quickly, and systematically identify credits and refunds.

SmartAudit leverages SMART technology to provide context for auditing rules – taking a 360-degree view of each invoice and contract. This means that our temNOW platform doesn’t just compare rates to the contract, but instead looks at all of the pieces of a bill in a systematic way – including usage, inventory, contracts, trends and opportunities – to find savings even if there aren’t rate changes.  Nothing slips through the cracks. 

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International Bill Pay

The temNOW interface, with global bill pay, adapts itself to multi language and international currency capabilities – automatically converting international invoices into a English/USD format, so CFOs can look at their organization’s entire global footprint of technology spend in one place and understand what’s going on with the whole enterprise.

Additionally, AMI has partnered with Cambridge Global Payments to provide even greater ease of use for international payments. Through this partnership, AMI is able to pull the latest conversion rate, provide this rate in USD to our clients and lock in the rate for 45-60 days. This feature helps to ensure that clients are not under or over paying, and in turn, accruing no fines or fees; and it provides greater clarity into client spend.

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Global Services

AMI’s hosting strategy allows temNOW to reside anywhere in the world and be scalable and flexible to grow with our client’s ever-changing environments. Currently, our global reach extends across 6 continents and 1700 carriers. 

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Proprietary Software

While most TEM solutions on the market today are not proprietary – they are white-labeled products that are often rigid in terms of capabilities and customization – AMI’s temNOW is a custom-built, proprietary platform. We didn’t acquire or cobble together other outside technologies to build our solution. We developed it in-house from the ground up. This is important to you because it not only allows you to leverage AMI’s 30 years of in-the-trenches TEM experience (making temNOW an incredibly effective product), but it also gives you greater flexibility when it comes to implementing and customizing.

Customer Satisfaction

In a customer satisfaction survey, clients say:

  • They love the value of our products –
  • AMI is great at handling their specific challenges
  • They are very likely to recommend AMI to their peers
ROI Guarantee

With over 30 years of experience in expense management, AMI guarantees that our managed TEM service will be self-funding.  We guarantee that our solutions save money every time. 

Diversity Spend

AMI is a woman-owned and operated technology expense management (TEM) and mobility management supplier. When it comes to diversity, we practice what we preach – with our internal staff reflecting the makeup of the U.S. population in terms of race, gender, and age.  Companies that leverage AMI’s cutting edge technologies in telecom, mobility, and utility expense management and mobility help desk can apply the monies spent on AMI services towards their diversity spending quotas.

Learn more about how AMI views diversity & inclusion here and here.

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