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Posted on FEBRUARY 8, 2016

Got TEM questions?

We know you do… so we’ll answer those FAQs with a good dose of FACTs (Full Analytics Conveying Truths)!

Let’s play that ever-popular game (well, at least in our world):

I want TEM but…

I have no budget and need to be creative. How can AMI help?

We find hard dollar savings through managing invoices and dispute resolution that exceed our service fees. Our average ROI is 159%… which means the money we save for our clients more than pays for our fees.

In other words, you’ll be saving money AND handing over some of your most tedious tasks to someone else. What’s not to love?

I’m worried that TEM will change the processes in my organization – and my people hate change. How do I do this, knowing that my team will resist something different?

Ch-ch-ch-changes — we know not everyone loves them. That’s why we take the time to first understand your team’s current processes, so that we can create a plan that easily transitions your workflow right into the temNOW™ environment. Our system wraps itself around your processes, rather than force-fit your processes into temNOW.

Evaluating software, even SaaS (software as a service), is such a hassle that I’d rather not have to go through it. What makes temNOW the cream of the crop?

We know— you’ve got enough headaches in your daily work… so we want to make it easy for you to know temNOW has the relief you need. temNOW and our managed services team adhere to best practices in the areas of sourcing management, order and provisioning, inventory management, invoicing, cost reduction and savings as well as business analytics in order to provide repeatable and verifiable results.

temNOW is adaptable to your ever-changing environment from new vendors you may acquire and cost center changes, to auditing and dispute management.

But don’t just take our word for it — our clients are believers: a full 90% of them have declared they would refer us to other businesses, due to our software’s capability and the support and interfacing they receive from our managed services team.

Do you get any clients from research groups?

No, we’d prefer to earn our clients rather than pay for them. KIDDING! (Sort of.)

Can temNOW integrate with other systems?

You bet. temNOW integrates with AP systems, legacy systems, asset management systems… you name it, we’ll find a way to share the data that matters to you. When it comes to data governance and strategy, we adhere to, and are practitioners of, single source of truth.

Will you pay my invoices?

Absolutely — and we love it! (We’re weird like that.)

What about certain vendors – any that you can’t handle?

Not yet — and we love a good challenge! Put us to the test; we can import all invoices from across the globe right into temNOW… everything from Mandarin Chinese to crazy, multiple billing systems offered through AT&T and Verizon.

Have more questions? Reach out! We’d love to help you solve your biggest telecom dilemmas.