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temNOW™ MaaS

temNOW™ Management as a Service (MaaS) Product Details


temNOW™ Management as a Service (MaaS) provides managed service packages that can be added to either the temNOW SaaS or temNOW PaaS implementations. Managed service offerings include invoice import service, invoice life cycle management, dispute life cycle management, inventory tracking & management, contract management, etc.

Managed Services Offerings

Invoice Import Service (required)

Imports both electronic and manual invoices 100% on time per the import schedule.  This managed service team has vast import experience ranging from working with the vendor and resolving missing invoices to manually importing invoices from paper and validating the invoice for data accuracy.  

Invoice Lifecycle Management

Ensures the allocation of costs on all invoices and works with you or someone within your company to allocate new charges, track the approval of invoices and manage the authorized approvers for each account per the client. Lastly, it marks the invoice for payment, generates a funding report and sends to the client on a schedule basis to be uploaded in the client’s AP system.

Dispute Lifecycle Management

Tracks and documents invoice anomalies through the investigation, negotiation and follow-up life cycle, and ties credits to disputes. Facilitates a monthly ROI meeting with the client to report dollars under investigation, dollars in negotiation and dollars received as well as projected monthly savings.

Inventory Tracking

Tracks MACD activity provided by you or other areas within your company, manages the relationships between inventory, employees, accounts and locations; Validates new inventory identified on the invoice

Contract Management

Works with your company to identify, obtain and enter new contract documents (MSA, Addendums, Schedules, LOAs, Quotes, Purchase Orders, etc.). Defines the terms & conditions; validates new rates identified by the ETL process and reconciles each rate to a executed contract document; updates MARCs and Volume discounts.

Bill Pay

Pays domestic and international invoices on behalf of your company, tracks payment activity and correlates payment confirmation data; resolves misapplied payments with the vendor, tracks late payments, or any other payment issue with the vendor.

Cloud Management

Works with you or others within your company to provide insight and optimization into your cloud environment.

Value Add

These managed services packages allow you to leverage 100+ years of experience in the areas of expense management, vendor dispute resolution, contract negotiation, AMI vendor relationships and ROI driven results.

Case Studies

Reduced Telecom Expenses

Mobility management that helps organizations experience significant savings (up to $1M) in telecom expenses.

Global Expense Visibility

AI-powered invoicing that standardizes global invoices and enables transparent, accurate expense management.

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